4 Reasons Why Former Nerds Make The Best Future Husbands


I’ve been known to date a loser or two. Or ten. But now that I’m reaching the age where I’m less interested in making out with tattooed criminals at the bar, and more concerned with finding a man to spend the rest of my life with, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I desire in a potential mate.

Of course there are the basics: he has to have a sense of humor, my family has to like him, we need to have similar values and shared interests, we need to be physically attracted to one another, and just as importantly, we need to be intellectually attracted to each other.

1. Nerds Think Logically


Everyone has that one friend who’s stuck in a never-ending toxic relationship. The kind of relationship that is fueled by screaming fights, dramatic breakups, and tear-filled make-ups. The people in these dysfunctional twosomes are usually the kind of individuals who think with their hearts, rather than their heads.

Nerds have been programmed to be logical. They can look at relationships from a realistic standpoint and assess the situation for what it is, rather than what they feel like it is. This allows for rational, mature decisions instead of acting on impulse.

2. Nerds Challenge The Status Quo


I’d hope my future husband will never be looked back on as a “normal guy.” Nerds are unique. They have a special quality that separates them from the general population. They strive to be something more than what society expects of them. Nerds never got to where they are in life by settling, and to be in a relationship with someone who won’t stand for anything or anyone less than they think they deserve would be pretty amazing in my book.

3. Nerds Are Passionate


No matter the subject, field or profession, no person ever became the best at something because “they were kinda into it.” Nerds are the best at what they do because they love what they do. They’ve found what they excel at and have worked hard to become the best. They possess a passion and drive that few can match. If someone can love astrophysics or biofuel microeconomics, I’d like to think they could love another person with a matched passion.

4. Nerds Want To Learn


Nerds value continuous personal growth. Be it in the bedroom, the classroom, or wherever, a nerd never stops learning. Having a partner who is willing to try new foods, travel to exotic places, and experience things with an open mind, makes for a life that will always be interesting. The moment you shut the door to change is the moment a relationship becomes stagnant.

So, former nerds of the world, look out. I’m going to get one of you to put a ring on it.

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