Your Personal Blog Sucks And Nobody Cares


As I’ve mentioned before, personal blogging is dead, or at least very much on the decline. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t or can’t express yourself from the glorious soapbox known as the internet and your own delusions of grandeur.

To help you navigate the troubled social waters, I’ve throw out a few ideas for blog concepts that haven’t saturated the market (yet). Hop to it and begin your digital empire that will make all tremble during your reign of terror and tartan blanket scarves.

  • A drinking blog that’s really just an open letter to your mother.
  • An exercise blog disguised as a mommy blog about a food baby.
  • A lifestyle blog about how to avoid responsibility and life choices at all costs.
  • A blog that serves as a little black book to openly taunt your high school boyfriend who still lives with his parents.
  • A fashion blog about everything you purchase that’s essentially a poorly photoshopped Mint account.
  • A “professional” blog skewed toward your career, which you sporadically update around your merciless drinking schedule.
  • A grammatically incorrect live journal that you attempt to disguise as a lifestyle blog.
  • A lifestyle blog that’s just a haphazard collection of Pinterest and Netflix picks, confirming that you actually don’t have a life outside of your couch.
  • A cooking blog that’s just you ordering either egg foo young or General Tso’s chicken after you inevitably burn what you’re making.
  • An interior design blog that’s made up of poorly executed Ikea hacks and a Restoration Hardware wish list.
  • A fashion blog that’s all J.Crew new arrivals you plan on returning after you photograph yourself in them.
  • A mommy blog about your tentative children.
  • A lifestyle blog about the home you’ll curate after you get out of jail.
  • A blog that’s all vague threats directed at the Tinder and Hinge dates you’ve met and then never seen again.
  • A blog about the fleeting, ephemeral nature of life and sample sales.
  • A blog about testing new prescriptions that may or may not be in your name.
  • An organizational blog you mainly write to hide the pain away in color-coordinating baskets.
  • A blog about how to style all the clothing you’ve stolen from ex-boyfriends.
  • A blog about your dreams and goals that all your acquaintances from high school and college gleefully mock from their cubicles.
  • A meta blog about what it’s like to blog.
  • A blog that helps alleviate the pain of your thwarted dreams of becoming an interior designer.
  • A blog about your forthcoming dream wedding that forces your boyfriend of two months to get a restraining order.
  • A blog about losing your boyfriend to #menswear and all the pain it has caused.

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Writer in NYC. To quote Dr. Seuss, "Being crazy isn't enough."

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