What A Guy’s Favorite Movie Says About Him

Last weekend, I had an adult sleepover with a guy I swore I would never hook up with again. So, in the morning, in an effort to make myself feel better about my choices, I actually asked him some personal questions. I discovered he’s going to law school, which is awesome, but then he proceeded to tell me his favorite movie is “21.” I mean, it’s not a bad movie, but his favorite? Like, no. Just no. The following is what a guy’s favorite movie says about him, from a girl’s perspective.

“The Fast and the Furious”


If his favorite movie is anything from this series (except “Tokyo Drift”) then he obviously likes action movies. Hey, at least he likes action movies with a storyline. I don’t mind watching an action movie with a guy every once in a while, but if all of it is just one fight scene after another without really anything for me to follow along with or help me estimate how much is left of the movie, I’ll text my friends as soon as I leave asking if they know any guys they want to set me up with. Also, you get to look at Paul Walker for a couple hours, so don’t complain about these movies.

Anything With Will Ferrell


I like Will Ferrell movies. They’re funny, they’re quotable, and they’re an iconic part of our generation’s pop culture. If this is a guy’s favorite movie, he is more than likely a guys’ guy (or at least likes to think of himself that way). This can mean one of two things, the first being he had a great time in high school or college with his group of friends, and watching this movie makes him smile as he’s reminded of watching it with them (this is the option you should strive for). On the other hand, he could be kind of a try-hard who inappropriately inserts quotes from the movie into everyday conversation, which, in effect, kills the joke. He’s probably the friend nobody likes.

“The Godfather” (Part I or II)


He knows what a real movie is. “The Godfather Part II” is one of the best pieces of cinematography ever. No comment I could make would even do it justice. This guy has high standards, good taste, and knows a good thing when he sees it, so lock it down.

“Mean Girls”


This is your token funny, goofy guy. I have my doubts as to whether or not this is truly his absolute favorite movie, but the fact that he says it is tells you all you need to know. He’s playful, hilarious, makes you laugh, and you are happy when you’re around him. He makes you feel good about yourself. This guy is probably the most fun type of guy to hook up with. He has great taste in Netflix, is a great drunk, and doesn’t judge when you have a little too much to drink and start smoking, or decide to wear yoga pants under jeans, or start to sing along with every song on the radio during a casual night in. In other news: I’m totally over him, and definitely don’t see any good reason why he broke it off.

“The Wolf of Wall Street”


This movie is one that solidified in many people’s minds just how amazing Leonardo DiCaprio is. When this came out, anyone who may have had his or her head under a rock for the past five years realized that he’s a legend. Every role he plays is a strong character in its own way, and every single movie he’s in is a great movie. Like, I actually don’t know how he’s maintained his integrity as an actor all these years, but he adds credibility to a profession that gave us Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan. While I was a little disturbed by seeing all that corruption, I guess I could see why a guy would like it, and I definitely understand looking up to Leo.

“The Shawshank Redemption”


This is another movie that shows he has good taste AND is a guy who loves his friends. This is a storyline that builds on itself and has an amazing ending that really ties everything together and doesn’t leave you pissed off about some part not making sense or being fully developed. What guy wouldn’t look up to Morgan Freeman in this movie? He’s a strong but gentle black man who mentors someone in need. This guy is a guy who likes to think while watching a movie. He’s probably pretty smart and successful, and he may even be able to figure out what your thinking without you having to tell him. Sometimes.

“Wedding Crashers”

Wedding Crashers

Here’s another totally quotable, great movie. If this is still a guy’s favorite movie, though, don’t expect to domesticate him any time soon. As we are in the midst of wedding season, he might be otherwise engaged for the next couple months. If you do try to settle down with this guy while he’s in the prime of his twenties, you might be subject to rule number five: you’re an idiot.

“Raiders of the Lost Ark”


He longs for the days of movies past. This is actually an amazing movie, but it’s a little before our time. He truly wishes he went to college in the ’80s. I mean, I think we all do a little bit, but this guy might’ve taken it a little too far. Or he may have just been really close with his father growing up, and his love for this movie is a reflection of that. The key with this movie is finding out what it means to him.

“Die Hard”


The ’80s were awesome. This movie has the fashion, the corporate culture, and the overuse of the word “fuck” that characterized the time. John McClane is a straight badass, and this guy loves a good hero. He might even be a policeman or fireman–if he is, congratulations, as you have accomplished one of my lifelong goals/fantasies I have yet to fulfill.

Any Romantic Comedy


If he says something like “Valentine’s Day” or anything with Katherine Heigl in it, he might be a liar who’s just trying to sleep with you. If that’s what you want, too, then go for it. If he says something like “Love Actually” or “You’ve Got Mail,” then he’s a romantic and he might be ready for a real relationship. While a lot of guys might like those movies, most won’t admit it if they didn’t want to give a girl the wrong idea.



He has terrible taste in movies, and really, pop culture in general. This goes for most movies that have come out in recent years. It’s not that they’re bad–they’re entertaining. If you invited me over to watch a movie and put this on for the 10 minutes that I pretend like I didn’t realize why you actually invited me here in my feeble attempt to seem like a lady, I would be totally okay with that. But it’s not a movie you can watch 20 times without starting to hate it. I love movies, and I can’t handle someone who disgraces the movie industry by overlooking all of the amazingly awesome movies that Hollywood has given us by choosing “21” as his or her favorite movie ever. I just can’t. This guy’s definitely not someone you should call after midnight. Just don’t.

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