We Can Save The World By Making Every Weekend A Three-Day Weekend

Turns Out We Can Actually Save The World By Making Every Weekend A Three-Day Weekend

Unless you work a soul-sucking job where you’re forced to work this Monday, most of us have the luxury of taking a three-day weekend for Labor Day. Few and far between, three-day weekends are small diamonds in the rough that allow us to take a staycation without having to take any personal time off. In theory, they also allow you to recharge the batteries and attack the coming short week with vigor unknown to mankind. But, they usually just turn into a bunch of binge-drinking and texting your friends Monday night, “Man, at least we only have a four-day week ahead of us.”

Outside of getting to spend another night at the lake house and contracting the rare case of Monday Scaries, turns out that three-day weekends could actually be way more valuable than any of us imagined. They could even save the world. No, seriously.

You know all that stuff about carbon footprints and whatever? It’s actually a real concern and not just a left-wing agenda. And Alex Williams, a lecturer in Sociology at City University London, has been studying the benefits of a four-day workweek on our environment. He claims that taking an extra day off will not only reduce pollution for commuting, but it’ll also knock down our electricity costs because we’re not all sitting under dreaded LED lights for forty hours a week.

Per The Daily Mail:

If Americans simply followed European levels of working hours, for example, they would see an estimated 20 per cent reduction in energy use – and hence in carbon emissions.

With a four-day week, huge amounts of commuting to and from work could be avoided, as well as the energy outputs from running workplaces.

And this has actually been proven to work in the states. In 2007, Utah extended their Monday through Thursday hours and eliminated Fridays for state employees which ended up saving them $1.8 million in energy bills. Less air conditioning, less lighting, less server and computer usage, less time warming up the Keurig, less time gchatting with your friends. It all makes too much fucking sense. Besides, pretty much all of us mail it in on Friday anyway, so we might as well just save all that work for Monday and be open about it rather than pretending to get anything done.

Less days in the office leads to less energy expended which leads to more beers ingested which leads to happiness for everyone. Get out there. Spread the word. Shout it from the rooftops. We deserve 52 consecutive three-day weekends, guys. If that’s not a world-saving initiative that you can’t get behind, then we’re all doomed.

[via Daily Mail]

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Will deFries (Twitter / Instagram) is a Senior Editor at Grandex and the world's foremost authority on Sunday Scaries (Twitter / Instagram).

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