Vegans Are Absolutely Losing Their Mind Over An Oregon Donut Shop’s Job Posting

Vegans Are Absolutely Losing Their Mind Over An Oregon Donut Shop's Job Posting

I’m under the impression that no one should eat donuts. If you wake up in the morning and think to yourself, “Man, I’m going to eat a donut for breakfast,” you’re pretty much telling the world that you don’t care about your health or general well-being. Donuts are the pinnacle of getting unhealthy, and you ingest enough sugar during one donut-eating binge that you’ll exceed your daily amount of sugar before you’ve even gotten to inbox zero. That being said, I still respect people’s rights to do so and will dabble if a donut looks tasty enough.

But there are some vegans in Oregon who are absolutely losing their shit over one donut shop’s job posting. The posting from Pip’s Original Doughnuts in Portland is fairly simple, and quite honestly, pretty standard stuff for a donut shop. The listing requires “a friendly, outgoing personality,” and states that you can’t have any “non-medical, non-religious dietary restrictions” that could possibly “stop you from tasting, accurately representing our treats, and maintaining quality control.” You know, because it’s a fucking donut shop that sells donuts so whoever works there should probably like donuts, right?

Wrong, apparently.

Someone left a review on Facebook that stated the following:

Won’t return now that I know you discriminate against vegetarians in your hiring practices! We are good enough to buy your products, in my case near daily, but not okay to work there. There are surely enough employees for quality testing. I’ll be spreading the word in our rather large Portland community.

This particular complaint came from a Facebook user whose profile photo is of her standing under a sign that reads, “I [Heart] Liquor” in Miami Beach. And while it’s entirely reasonable she’s a vegetarian for animal rights purposes, this girl is clearly jaded if she thinks she’s getting a job anywhere with that type of presence on Facebook.

If you head over to their Facebook page, other reviews were equally as miserable, so obviously we need to explore these further as well.

As someone whose religion requires me to eat a kosher diet, I am deeply offended. If I wanted to apply for this job, I’d be turned away due to my religious views. I do believe this practice can get you in trouble. Several of my cycling members are of the same religious views and we would bike in most weekends for some treats. That will no longer happen. I would encourage you to read employment discrimination laws, especially pertaining to religion, might be of some assistance down the road.

I enjoy that this guy clarifies that he doesn’t want the job, if if he did, he wouldn’t get it. Just complaining on the internet simply to complain. You have to love that social media gives everyone a voice.

What a disgusting place. Portland, land of vegans, get over it. I truly hope you lose the lawsuit filed against you. Your place looks filthy by the way. Passed by while on vacation..Saw a cockroach under one of your tables. Hope one crawls up your nose and eats your brain. Anyone in this day and age who discriminates against those who are against animal abuse deserves to go under

Fights for animal abuse but prays a cockroach eats the owner’s brain. Classic.

My neighbor found out you won’t hire him due to him choosing to eat cruelty free. We will no longer support your business.

While I respect the “love thy neighbor” attitude, calling your diet “cruelty free” isn’t a fucking dietary restriction. It’s a personal choice that’s causing this guy to not be qualified for the job, not the prejudice of a mom-and-pop donut shop that’s trying to make an honest buck.

For all the backlash, go to their Facebook page. And if you want to help ’em, give them a five-star review to offset the hatred that’s been spewed on their innocent page.

[via Newser]

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