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  • Tooold 6 years ago on Live From The Friend Zone

    I’m going to go with she’s not interested. She knew her relationship was not in a good place, and she likely knew you were interested. If she was interested in you, she would have broken up with the boyfriend a long time ago. It sounds like she wants validation. However I agree with some of the posts below, you may get lucky if she gets drunk enough. But that would likely end the friendship. I have had many, many male friends in the past, and I am sure that some of them would have made a move if I had given any indication I was interested, I just wasn’t.

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  • Tooold 6 years ago on Imagine How Bad Everyone Smelled All Of The Time Before Cigarettes Were Banned Indoors

    I will never forget the first time I went out to the bars after the smoking bans were put in place. I picked my clothes up off the floor the next morning, and I couldn’t figure out what was different. It took me a minute to realize it’s because they didn’t smell like ass from the cigarette smoke and that I didn’t need to wash my hair 6x to get the cigarette smoke out of it. It was awesome. I am so used to not smelling like cigarettes that the last time I was in Vegas I just stayed pissed off having to walk through the clouds of smoke at the casinos.

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  • Tooold 6 years ago on When It Comes To Candy, Easter Is King

    I saw this a few days too late, but I must comment. As a trash candy connoisseur (I won $2500.00 by answering a candy trivia question correctly), having eaten just about every commercially available candy out there, I think I may comment on this. There are in fact 4 holidays during the year that can be considered “Candy Holidays”. Candy Holidays are those holidays where candy can be a big part of the celebration. I have almost never had any candy that I didn’t enjoy. so take my opinion with the understanding that I feel all candy is good candy depending on what type of mood you are in. I have spent way too many years determining the rank of these candy holidays. These ranks are based on the following criteria:

    1. How unique is the candy being offered? This means can this candy only be purchased for this holiday, or is it commonly associated with this holiday?
    2. How much is candy a part of the holiday?

    My rankings are as follows:
    1. Easter
    2. Valentines Day
    3. Halloween
    4. Christmas

    I agree with the general premise of this article. Easter wins hands down. Let’s be honest, almost any candy can be procured year round. If you want peeps, they are always available. If you want candy corn, it’s also now available year round (also the answer to the trivia question which scored me some cold hard cash). However, there are still some exclusively available Easter candy. Yes you can get similar items year round, but it’s just not the same. Peeps are best during Easter. I think they are trash when they are eaten fresh out of the package. I like to “age” my peeps. This means I buy a package, tear a nice hole in the cellophane and let them get a bit stale, usually a week or two. It makes for a more enjoyable experience, the marshmallow becomes chewy and the candy outside a bit crunchy. I also have enjoyed them in the microwave, just not as much. The Reese’s Pieces peanut butter eggs. The ones with the candy shell. Do yourself a favor and stick them in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Thank me later. The Cadbury mini eggs, good lord whatever they put on that candy shell is addictive. And so many others.

    I am sad that valentine’s day was overlooked in your article. It’s a very important candy holiday. The conversation hearts, the jelly hearts, and such means that Valentines day should have a place in the article. And then there is Halloween, which is actually my favorite holiday of the year. You all can have your Xmas and thanksgiving, give me Halloween. My house is heavily decorated and we go full size at my place. It is the clear leader for the importance of candy to the holiday, but Jenna is right in that there is nothing really unique about the candy, there is just a ton of it. Which is why it’s the best holiday.

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  • Tooold 6 years ago on Here's How Big Of A Hit A "Wealthy White Woman's" Career Takes After Having Kids

    I kind of have a theory on this based on my personal experience as well as those around me. Most women I know (including myself) go back to work and face a huge battle. My theory is that by time you leave and have your baby you are DONE. You haven’t had a good night sleep in ages, your memory is gone and you have just spend a lot of time preparing someone else to do your job while you are away.

    Then you go back to work. Be that 6 weeks, or in my case 3 months, after having the baby. Most likely you are still not sleeping because babies are evil time sucks of sleep. So you get back to work, and you’ve trained the person filling in for you sufficiently, and everyone is thinking that you really are now expendable because you trained your replacement so well and frankly they are doing a better job than you did when you left because you were kind of a mediocre employee who couldn’t remember what happened the day before without having to write it down. And hey, it gets better if you are still attempting to breast feed, because now you need to take time away from your desk to hook yourself up to a machine to milk your boobs like you’re a fricking cow, plus your hormones are still out of wack. So you’re an even shittier employee in their eyes because they now have to make accommodations. Oh and let’s not forget that staying late or coming in early are no longer really an option if you ever want to see your kid, not to mention that you are restricted by how many hours you can have your spawn at wherever you have parked them for the day because they are usually available only during certain hours. But you do get the convenience of giving said child care option about 15-25+% of your income depending on where you live.

    I had the extra bonus fun of my employers actually doing some shady illegal stuff that I later found out that I could have gone to an EEO representative. The ultimate smack in my face was that I was put on a performance improvement plan where my pumping was listed as an issue. Good times!

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  • Tooold 7 years ago on This Washington D.C. Apartment Complex Has The Douchiest Amenity To Lure Rich Young People

    I used to live a couple of blocks from that church. Keeping the facade of buildings has been going on for a long time in DC. As far as the Uber room, when dealing with the elements I can see where it would actually be a really good thing. The Uber drivers here will leave your ass if you aren’t there within a couple of minutes of them arriving. The lobby may just be too out of the way to get to them.

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  • Tooold 7 years ago on This Preppy New York Times Marriage Announcement Is So Incredibly Pretentious

    As someone who is older and clearly wiser than you, and someone who has been married for many many years, I can say this with some authority Laney. Get the fuck over yourself. I had the big wedding that had all of those moving parts, and yes I had lots of family that was there that is no longer around, and that was great and all, but was it worth it? Hell no. The day should be about you and your husband not a chance to show everyone how awesome/rich you are. Tell me again where in this article it once mentions the actual ceremony or the reception, and where those events that were clearly so “special” were bashed. They weren’t go get that stick out of your ass and go find another website to troll.

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  • Tooold 7 years ago on Tuesdays Are Hell On Earth

    Being able to get to work in less than an hour would be like a dream. I work about 10 miles from home and it takes me over an hour to get to work. I hate DC.

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  • Tooold 7 years ago on Workplace Productivity Is Declining Because We Can't Stop Checking Our Phones

    I started a new job in April and I didn’t realize it before I started, but there is no signal. In the entire building. None. My phone either says 1x or no signal. It has been the most painful 7 weeks, and I don’t know how long I’m going to last. I can’t get texts, I can’t make calls. Honestly, if I had looked at my phone during the interview and realized this, I probably wouldn’t have taken the job. I go outside everyday rain or shine at lunch just so I can get some phone time. The worst part is that it doesn’t seem to bother anyone but me, they all just shrug and accept it!

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