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  • sweetatlife 9 years ago on 8 Careers That Get No Respect

    It really doesn’t matter who physically pays the commission. If you’re selling your house and I tell you I’d like to buy it and I don’t have a realtor – Would you be willing to drop your price 3% or close to it that would have come off the top if I had an agent. You bet your ass you would. Also – buying something that needs to appreciate 6% to not walk away with a loss (not to mention the opportunity cost of what you could have invested your down payment in) sounds like a pretty shitty investment – all thanks to realtors. Housewives do that shit for a reason and it’s a profession that needs to die.

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  • sweetatlife 9 years ago on Starbucks' #RaceTogether Campaign Finds Way To Make Mornings Worse: By Talking About Race!

    In the past year, I have been to the home of someone of a different race….are we counting Asians as people of a different race, or do they not count because white people generally don’t fear them? Because it’s going to make my answer infinitely higher. Oh, and fearing their driving doesn’t count. Look Starbucks, I’m talking about race!

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  • sweetatlife 9 years ago on Thank You, Jon Stewart

    That interview was lame. He was essentially calling out Cramer because he made money by shorting stocks before the crash and Cramer felt bad about that for some stupid reason. Maybe survivors remorse? Cramer and people like him didn’t make the market crash, they just had the foresight to see that it was going to – good for them. Keep in mind if the stock goes the other way on a short his loss potential has no limit. The show is always decently funny until the interview when it ceases to be a comedy show and Stewart pretends he knows what the fuck he’s talking about and tries to ask hard hitting questions.

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  • sweetatlife 9 years ago on A Recap Of The Bachelor From A Guy - Week 2

    Please tell me you recorded this in order to write this article and watched the College Football National Championship live. Otherwise I’m going to question the authenticity of this truly being written by a guy.

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  • sweetatlife 9 years ago on Dancing With The Devil: My Battle With Arby's Meat Mountain

    I had this the other day, and I may just be obese – but I really didn’t think it was that hard to put away. Agree that you definitely need the horsey sauce to lubricate it a bit (what kind of sandwich doesn’t have a condiment?). Can you eat a half pound bacon cheeseburger and 2 chicken tenders? This is only slightly more food by weight (9 oz. of deli meat vs. 8 oz. burger patty) and probably less calories – though WAY more sodium.

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  • sweetatlife 10 years ago on 4 Types Of Dumb Smart People

    Philosophy professors. I was at a bar next to this guy arguing with some other douche about neomodernism for a solid thirty minutes before I had to leave. It was either leave or smash a bottle on his face. Check out neomodernism on Wikipedia and tell me if the first sentence doesn’t make you want to hurt someone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neomodernism

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  • sweetatlife 10 years ago on Why Taking A Train Is The Best (And Most American) Way To Travel

    In the northeast you’re probably fine, but plan on being delayed if you’re traveling by train in the middle of the country. I took a train from Cincinnati to Chicago. You can make the drive in under 5 hours… but for trains freight has priority over passenger, so we arrived a solid 5 hours later than we would have driving. If you ever want to take the longest train route – the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco – plan on arriving nearly a full day behind schedule. You can check Amtrak’s on-time performance online: http://www.amtrak.com/historical-on-time-performance

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  • sweetatlife 10 years ago on Why No Sane Person Should Move In With Their Significant Other Before Marriage

    “There’s no incentive for him to propose.” Unless you’re waiting till marriage to have sex, this ship has sailed. I didn’t marry my wife because I was incentivized. I married her because I wanted to be with her and LIVE with her forever – how do you think I made that assessment?
    “There’s no incentive to not break up over living disagreements.” You really mean there’s no disincentive to break up over living disagreements – and that disincentive is going through a divorce. So you should be forced to live with someone who annoys the living shit out of you every day because you didn’t figure that shit out in advance by living with them. Good call.
    I’d dismantle your other arguments, but they aren’t very strong. Skip to the last one. Your marriage isn’t defined by living together. Chances are you already sleep together every night, so putting all your shit in a house together and buying ikea crap isn’t romantic. Get over that idea now. I get you want stuff to “feel” different after your’e married, but should you? When you decide to spend the rest of your lives together shouldn’t it be because you like they way your relationship is right now? Sure, hopefully it grows and develops and all that good shit – but I don’t think you should be shooting for some big transformation after your wedding day.
    My wife and I lived together before we were married and it worked for us and contrary to your anecdotal evidence, every one of my friends who is married lived together beforehand. I’ve lived with girlfriends that didn’t work out and I’m glad I did – because they sucked and I’m glad living together helped me realize that. If your relationship ends after moving in together it isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing. You’re saving yourself a lot of agony that would likely lead to a divorce after trying to trudge through your shitty life together for several years.

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  • sweetatlife 10 years ago on The Power Rangers Movie Is Happening

    Hmm, now that I’m 30 am I too old for this site? Power Rangers was shit that my younger siblings watched… and I never understood why they wouldn’t form the damned combined power ranger robot thing from the get go.

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