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  • Shredneck 7 years ago on Your 5 Friends Who Complain The Most About Their Jobs

    Nurses work 3 12hr shifts a week and average salary is 65k. In many cases, they’re just bringing food and administering meds. They have nurse assistants to do patient lifting, patient cleaning, and most of the hard work. They definitely work less than doctors and they have considerable downtime at work while they sit around and shop on the hospital computers or browse Facebook. On a typical hospital floor they have 4 patients at any time during a shift where all they have to do is implement orders as directed by the doctor. The doctors may have 20 plus patients at any given time. In an ICU, nurses have 2 patients and ICU nurses make like 80k, 3 x 12h shifts a week working days. They have no right to complain. They can make $800 in a 12h night shift doing almost nothing. Go to nursing school.

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  • Shredneck 8 years ago on Buying Beer Used To Be About Me

    Your taste in beer is a direct reflection of your personality and outlook on life. Bud light says: I like my underwear white and tight, my sex missionary, my vacations within the continental US, and my toyota camry serviced at every recommended interval. Bud light says that your bean boots have never seen real mud and most people forget you right after they meet you. Congratulations.

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  • Shredneck 8 years ago on Catching A Wave: Surfing Is The Ultimate Cure-All

    Tasty waves? Chill vibe? Congratulations, you took a surf lesson and stood up for long enough to go straight and blog about it. Sorry but you don’t surf enough to deserve to write about it and when you try to describe it without having experienced it enough, then you take away from the culture. You’re pulling references from what pop culture portrays surfing to be, when it’s really what you don’t see and what you haven’t experienced….yet, I hope. It’s mostly not chillin by the beach in a woody and drinking a pacifico or dragging a 9ft monstrosity into the lineup. It’s freezing your dick off in 42 degree water in the outer banks when no one is out or it’s paddling for 25 minutes just to make it out at 12ft ocean beach. It’s the respect for the ocean and for being in something bigger and more powerful than you, that you just cant grasp yet. I applaud the effort, but spare us the commentary.

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  • Shredneck 8 years ago on Take The Risk Before You Can't

    What is? What did I just read? Is this a humble brag? The title promised me life changing motivational content that would distract me from my 80hr/wk grind, but all that I got was red marks on my thighs from bracing my elbows while on the toilet. Dude, you moved to a city whose name is synonymous with a terrible malt liquor and you and are going to what is likely a 2nd or 3rd tier law school. Congrats. The only risk in all of that is the saturated job market that you’re going to find yourself in, and the risk of frostbite in that terrible corner of the midwest. You moved away to go to school at a young age, well done. I went to med school with a guy that started when he was 50 and already had a phd. There are thousands of people that change careers at 40. It’s never to late to change your situation, and that window of opportunity is one that only you can shut. Also, those life models of development are relative, dated, and quite frankly bogus.

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