Tinder Reveals Most Right-Swiped Careers For Women And Most Of Us Are Out Of Luck

Tinder Reveals Most Right-Swiped Careers For Women And Most Of Us Are Out Of Luck

Let’s be honest – while a generous heart and a kind soul may be the most socially acceptable answers to the question, “What are you most attracted to in a dating partner?”, the truth is that careers matter. From time spent in the office to benefits to earning potential, your significant other’s career will have a huge impact on your life. So, of course, Tinder decided to start analyzing careers in relation to right-swipes, and while some of the results were expected, a few others were a little surprising. From a study of Tinder users in New York, our favorite app was able to tell us the top five careers that are most likely to get women a ring by spring (or at least laid).

5. CEO/Entrepreneur

Honestly, I would right swipe a male CEO so fast that I’m thoroughly unsurprised that this goes the same for women. Who wouldn’t go out on a date with a high six-figure earner that’s almost guaranteed to pick up the check, both now, and for the entire duration of your relationship? I’m sold. Unfortunately for most of us, we’re about ten years out from that title (at LEAST), and by that point, I hope I’m not still on Tinder. Please, God, let me not still be on Tinder.

4. Dental Hygienist

If I had known I could successfully navigate online dating with a career that didn’t require an advanced degree, I could have saved myself thousands of dollars in student loan debt and been engaged, albeit with a 0.5 carat ring, by age 23. Who knew all these years while I was getting my teeth cleaned for undergraduate back-to-school I.D. pictures that my dental hygienist was laughing all the way to the altar with her relationship success.

3. PR/Communications

Aaaaaand the swiping of females with “hot girl majors” officially begins. While my experience from undergrad leads me to believe that this statistic is due to the attractiveness of girls that take these roles as opposed to the attractiveness of the career itself, it still stands that women who work in PR and communications get the third highest amount of right swipes on Tinder. Since it’s literally part of these women’s roles to know that appearances and first impressions matter, it’s also a safe bet that their profile photos haven’t been Facetuned. Swipe away, gentlemen.

2. Stylist

As with the aforementioned PR/communications female, the stylist is focused on her personal appearance, and you’ll probably actually be able to recognize your date from her online photos, which is a huge plus. Unlike PR girl, the stylist is constantly surrounded by fashion (and probably not pulling a huge salary), so you might want to keep a close eye on your credit card. Personally, I’d pick an S.O. with mediocre taste in fashion so I know he’ll spend his next bonus on me instead of some new Southern Tide button-downs, but to each their own. Sorry about your future retirement fund.

1. Teacher

The holy grail of hot girl majors, the teacher is attractive, young, smart, and caring. She’ll be able to travel the world with you on weekends, spring breaks, and summers due to an insane amount of paid leave that would make anyone jealous. However, this also means that she’s great with kids, so unless you’re looking to update your relationship status on Facebook, you might want to check your condoms for holes before use. Otherwise, men, she’s all yours.

[via Bustle]

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