This Restaurant Put Its Employees In Charge Aaaaaand Now It’s Out of Business

This Restaurant Put Its Employees In Charge Aaaaaand Now It’s Out of Business

“Workers of the world unite! The only thing you have to lose is your chains!” Of course, Karl Marx left out that communism will also lose you your income when the payer goes broke. Of course, our uber-progressive, superwoke society contains a significant number of people who believe true socialism and communism don’t fail — they just haven’t been properly implemented. Well, like all big ideas, small-scale trials are the best way to determine whether or not an idea will work on a large scale, and as a Grand Rapids, Michigan restaurant owner discovered, Marxism is a one-way ticket to bankruptcy. Duh.

The Garden Diner and Cafe, a vegan, vegetarian, and raw food restaurant, naturally, had won much national acclaim for its menu. Yes, the Marxist restaurant was a vegan restaurant. I’m as shocked as you are. Anyway, its business plan did not allow any management, promised an equal, living wage for its employees, and decisions were made collectively. This led to business hours being erratic, long lines, and poor service. They didn’t even allow tips for good service. Apparently, customers don’t enjoy waiting 40 minutes for a sandwich while the employees take an extended lunch break for wheatgrass tea, couscous, and a bean burger with lettuce for a bun. And I’m sure those bean burgers caused employees to emit the most noxious of greenhouse gases, if you get my drift.

Finally, some customers didn’t enjoy the politicism of menu items. Frankly, I’d tell an employee to shove their side of “Che Guevara” where the sun doesn’t shine. Then, in a friendly gesture, the restaurant offered a free meal to local police officers as a thank you for keeping the neighborhood safe. This didn’t go over well with their local uber-progressive, superwoke clientele, who complained the restaurant was supporting fascist white police. WHOA. Chill. Nowadays, with the country so absurdly polarized, it’s probably best to keep your opinions to yourself in business, because believe it or not, not everyone will agree with you. Or at least you allow and tolerate a balance of various opinions. I know, I’ll give you a second to recover from that bombshell.

The restaurant owner must not have paid attention in history class because all the issues that led to the restaurant’s downfall are the same issues that have caused communism to fail around the world, whether it be Soviet-style communism or a ridiculous attempt at true Marxism. Eventually, the lack of motivation of the employees, the high wages, and, ultimately, the lack of profits, caused the restaurant to be financially unsustainable and Comrade Owner had to put it up for sale. Too bad victims of communism around the world can’t recover their losses as well. Now he’s going on vacation, apparently, and my guess is it’s not to mingle with the proletariat.

[via Heat Street]

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