Things My Generation Says That I Just Don’t Understand

Things My Generation Says That I Just Don't Understand

Listen, I’m with you guys. I think our generation is very much misunderstood, overgeneralized, and stereotyped. We’ve produced some of the brightest and most hard-working people who are truly making a difference every single day in this absolutely crazy world. This isn’t another article whining about us, so don’t freak out just yet. That said, there’s some things people our age say that I. Just. Don’t. Understand. So let’s get it together here and speak like actual humans, shall we?

AF: now apparently a semi-legitimate way to measure or describe something. Because cursing to explain something always makes you sound like an intelligent member of society.

#Blessed: if you don’t use this ironically, go back to Michael Kors and stay there.

BAE: literally, you can only have one, so stop writing it on every Instagram post with your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom. Can we just stick to “babe” and call it a day?

Cw/rn/u/v: what do you do with all of your extra time since you wrote “cw to party w u” on your friend’s birthday post? Put your college degree to use here and stop using abbreviations, people.

Down: oh, you’re “down” to hang out later? Is that a yes or a no? (Also see: 3 AM “what’s up” text).

Fire: as in, “Bieber’s new album is fire.” Does that mean it’s burning? Should I run away? (Just kidding, I’m going to listen to “Love Yourself” for the thousandth time.)

Goals: ok fine, I want Khloe Kardashian’s workout closet, too.

On Fleek: I tried to explain this one to my grandma, she asked if she was “fleeking.”

Or Nah: or you could just say “not” like a normal person.

Netflix and Chill: you’re not fooling anyone.

Squad: another reason I hate Taylor Swift. Your “squad” is a group of friends, not an army sub-unit.

Slay: is this an episode of “How to Get Away with Murder”?

Vibes: I hope all the positive vibes you put out into the universe solve world hunger, eliminate terrorism and mass shootings, and fix the economy by the end of the day.

~~~: what if everyone said the words people wrote tildes next to with a Spanish accent?

For extra points, combine any of the aforementioned words into a sentence – i.e, “Squad ~goals~ literally on fleek AF.” Good luck having anyone take you seriously when you say things like that.

Yup. Bye, Felicia.

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