Things Girls Do After Graduation: Say “I Love You”

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Things Girls Do After Graduation: Say "I Love You"

Realizing how rude it was to leave her at the airport upon her return from the bachelorette party in Seaside, Todd knew he had to make it up to her. In the weeks prior, she had him share his location on the “Find My Friends” app so he knew when she got home that night. He took the train to her place knowing that a simple phone call wouldn’t do the trick.

In her attempt to be mad at him, she turned on The Mindy Project knowing it was his least favorite show. She asked him questions like, “Why can’t you be more like Danny Castellano?” and “Would you still love me if I ate as much as Mindy does?” Not trying to find himself in a Sunday night fight as his buzz from the baseball game dwindled, Todd became more agreeable than ever before.

“Are you really going to sit there on your phone after what you did today?” she inquired as Todd stood next to the couch peering down at his broken-screened iPhone.

“I’m Postmating us dinner from Stella’s,” he responded kindly knowing that any other response would have been the beginning of a fight.

Her eyes lit up as it was probably the most unintentionally kind thing Todd had done since they became official. He clarified that he was ordering all her favorite apps — the brussel sprouts, hummus plate, and the baked brie — along with her favorite entree, the pan seared Alaskan sockeye salmon. Todd didn’t take into account that neither the brie nor the salmon would deliver well, but she didn’t care. It was the thought that counted, and the simple fact that Todd was showing a semblance of caring was all that mattered.

Both exhausted from two long weekends of drinking, they sat on the couch watching episode after episode of Mindy, both feeling overly emotional from the earlier fight combined with the Sunday blues that had set in right at 8 p.m. like they always did. She felt as though she needed something to look forward to other than her work week, so she scrolled her phone looking for something they could enjoy together.

Before immediately shooting down a cooking class and a movie in the park, they agreed to participate in a wine tasting class that upcoming weekend with Katie and Finn. Todd wasn’t sold on spending $65 each to taste two-ounce samples of wine, but there were three pay periods that month at work, so he went with it.

Getting ready for bed, Todd broke it to her that he couldn’t spend the night. Mondays were big for him, and he didn’t complete any of the work he intended to over the weekend after he took Friday afternoon off to get a round in with the boys. She understood, and he left quietly for his apartment an hour after they finished their meal.

“Call me when you get home,” she said as she closed the door behind him. Within seconds of turning the lock, she let out a big sigh before ripping her bra off and falling face down on the couch next to Sperry, who was still riled up from his weekend at the kennel. He licked her face as she said a series of unintelligible words to him for five minutes before realizing she sounded like a psycho and stopped.

“Mama needs to go to bed, Sperry,” she said as she picked him up and brought him into her bedroom. Moments after entering her room, she heard her phone vibrate. It was Todd.

They talked for only about five minutes as both were clearly too tired to keep each other up. She rested the phone on the side of her face as she sat in bed with Sperry rested in the fold of her legs. The phone kept falling off her face until finally they both decided it was a good idea to just go to bed and pick up where they left off tomorrow on gchat.

“Alright, I’ll talk to you in the morning,” Todd said in closure.

“Okay, love you, bye,” she responded lethargically as she hung up.

Realizing what she had done, she sat there with wide eyes worrying that she had freaked Todd out by saying, “I love you” too soon without giving him the opportunity to respond. Conflicted, she knew she couldn’t call him back as it would have made it blatantly obvious that she was having a panic attack about what had just happened, and furthermore, she knew a text wouldn’t suffice.

Meanwhile, Todd was trying to register what happened. And there he was, confused and sleepless into the night.

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