Things Girls Do After Graduation: Fall Bucket List

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Things Girls Do After Graduation: Fall Bucket List

The following is an exact email sent on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017. It has been left unedited.

To: Caroline (, Katie (, Alex (, Victoria (, Megan (


Subject: Fall Bucket List [fall leaves emoji]

Heyyyyyyy Ladieeeeeeeeees,

Okay, so I just wanted to get this all out there because I know everyone has SUPER busy schedules and it’s pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to get on the same page. I would’ve done this in a group text, but I know a lot of you are at work so I didn’t want to blow you up in the middle of the day with a bunch of info!

I was going through some old photos from college (ugh, we were SO FAT!!) and came across an album from sophomore year when we all made a fall bucket list together. Like, sure, maybe we were supes lame when we first came up with the idea, but it kind of got me thinking…

What if we did it again?!

I know, I know – hear me out. Like, I don’t want to sound really dorky and stupid and basic but I thought it could be really fun if we were more intentional this fall and decided to make a bucket list of all the stuff we want to do? We don’t have that many weddings and I feel like it would be an easy way for all of us to get together that’s not, like, brunch or sushi or something.

I took our original list and I kinda made a new one that we could base it off of.

And yes, I drew some inspo from Real Simple because let’s be honest, up until Goop came out with a magazine this month, Real Simple has pretty much been our bible.

Okay, but the list.

Apple Picking – I mean, we already eat enough apples and almond butter as it is so we might as well pick our own organic apples for cheap rather than get them from Whole Foods. No brainer.

Corn Maze – Maybe we shouldn’t drink as much spiked cider as last time and have to pee in the corn field with Caroline on lookout… lol but idk maybe we do?

Two-Hand Touch Football – I call dressing like Rachel in the Friends ‘sode! Plus we can get the boys involved and let them be athletic and stuff.

Go For A Hike – Outdoorsy Insta photos are killing it lately and hike is pretty much code word for “walk so can take photos and not be sweaty.” Plus, the founder of Outdoor Voices is v into it and her body is goals.

Hayride – Katie, do you know of any farms we could go to? I know you did all that equestrian stuff in high school so you might be the best at planning this one *insert kiss emoji*

Rent A Cabin – I know this one could be hard to pull off with our schedules but I thought it would be amaze if we went upstate or something and all rented some suuuuuuuper rustic-y cabin. Megan, could we just use your dad’s place?

Tailgate – I know you all did this last week and I made Todd skip, but are there any other games we could do? TBH, this is pretty much last on my list.

Plant Bulbs for Next Spring – Gardening is like super in rn. Not only will we have flowers in our flower boxes come spring, but we can also get some good Insta stories where our hands and overalls are dirty.

Half-Marathon – Ummmmmmmmm, maybe we skip this one. Hahahahahahaha. Maybe we should just do a walk in the park or something? Idk, up for debate.

Farmer’s Market – Like I said earlier, we could probably stand to #supportlocal rather than just spend a bunch of money at Whole Foods. Besides, there’s this one I read about last week that recently started getting some steam in an up-and-coming neighborhood that looks v ‘grammable.

Make A Pie / Caramel Apples / Sweets – I know we’re all watching our weight but it could be fun to whip something together! Lol, is it obvious Todd and I have been watching The Great British Baking Show on Netflix yet or……

Carve Pumpkins – I have some stencils left over from last year that we could use and light up around Halloween. I just read about this sustainable pumpkin patch we could get them from rather than just going where we went last year.

Haunted House – OoOoOoOoO SpOoKY!

Beer / Cider Tasting – I know we don’t drink tons of beer but could be fun to drink some pumpkin-spiced ones / fall beers / organic ciders. *shrug emoji*

Watch Hocus Pocus – Ugh, the BEST. SJP just continues to be #goals even when she’s not Carrie Bradshaw. And Bette Midler? QUEEN.

Friendsgiving – We can just do it potluck style and all bring something. We can probs host at our place since it’s the biggest, unless anyone has any objections to that?

Antiquing – Tbh, for a while now, I’ve been thinking about getting into furniture restoration. I saw someone doing it on HGTV and it looks like a cheap way to get some ultimate statement pieces for our place.

OKAY. PHEW. Sorry, that was a lot.

If you have ANY other ideas, just hmu and I can put them on a list. I’ve made a Google Calendar and shared it with you all already. If you can, just put your open weekends / whatevs on it and we can try to figure out where we can fit everything in.

I know it’s still a little warm outside, but I’m already excited to bust out my Frye boots and cashmere turtleneck sweaters. YAY.


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