The 8 Key Members Of Any Respectable Group Of Guys

Always Willing to Drink Guy

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He’s not your conventional alcoholic in that he’s not sitting at home drinking Kentucky Deluxe on his couch watching Storage Wars, but he’s not far off. He has a few beers after work, and he’s perfectly comfortable with that. But if you need to blow off some steam and crush a craft burger from Chili’s, he’s always willing to partake. Nobody wants to eat a triple dipper alone. God bless you, Always Willing to Drink Guy.

Nudes Guy

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Some people are just born with the ability to convince women to snap a photo that they will very likely regret. It’s an art form. This isn’t you. The closest you’ll get is that screenshot you took of the TFM Babe of the Day. Whenever your phone lights up with a text from this guy, you know there’s a one in three chance that it’s a pic of some rando bartender in a compromising position. How the fuck? If this guy isn’t on your group text, your group text blows goats.

Addy Guy

Because it’s really difficult to hit the bars after an early afternoon kickoff. You can’t be out there falling asleep at Buffalo Wild Wings. This guy has a ‘script, and you have a sugar free Red Bull. It makes sense to keep this guy close. You will also need this guy if you have any aspirations of making middle management. You did your best work in college while your alcoholic, acid-refluxed, stomach was digesting a time release. Times haven’t changed. You need this guy.

Trust Fund Guy

Face it, this guy’s life is dope, and he does dope shit. Your life is somewhat dope, and you occasionally do dope shit. That dope shit that you occasionally do is a direct result of something this guy put together. You don’t have a place in Jackson Hole, but you know a guy. That’s what really matters.

Fearless Guy

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Alpha male. Does not have low T nor does he know what that means. He will approach that table of eights by himself because why the fuck not? Although you should not be fighting because you’re pushing 30 and work in an office with normal humans, this guy will curb stomp anyone dumb enough to look at you wrong.

Face Guy


Really important one, guys. When people think of you and your group of friends, this guy is always mentioned first. He doesn’t have to have chiseled abs, or stunning features, but he has to be handsome enough that you’d probably hold his cock while he peed if he ever broke both arms.

Career Focused Guy

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This guy is everything you aspire to be. He is a master of time management. He is even tempered. His idea of networking isn’t following companies on LinkedIn. He could booze on weeknights in college, yet still make it to class and not shit his pants. He maintained a highly respectable GPA and landed a job allegedly in the six-fig club. You need to stay close to this guy and chase the dream that one day he will hook you up with a new, less shitty gig.

The Degenerate Gambler

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This guy’s a real wildcard. He can either be the best guy to watch a game with, or the most depressing. He put a grand on Weber State to cover and now he’s drinking Cutty Sark at the bar by himself. You’ll get weekly texts letting you know that he was a garbage time Devin Harris three-pointer away from making 10 grand. You don’t know if he’s lying, and you don’t care. If you ever want in on the action, he’ll point you in the right direction.

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