The Sunday Scaries List: Romantic Comedies

The Sunday Scaries List: Romantic Comedies

It’s sometime after brunch. Probably later than that. If you haven’t already eaten dinner, it’s on its way via a Postmates courier who’s trying to remedy their anxiety by taking advantage of the Sunday surge pricing.

Sitting on your couch bathing in your own filth, something called “The Sunday Stinks” falls over you. No matter how many times you attempt to shower that day, there’s a smell that lingers. A feeling of sludge that sits either atop your skin or just beneath the surface – you can’t really tell.

Pensively, you sit there wondering what you’re going to do or watch that night in order to avoid the stresses of the work week ahead of you. You’ve caught up on the HBO series you’ve been binging, the nationally televised games don’t apply to your rooting interests, and there aren’t any award shows on to delay the inevitable.

Some way, somehow, you need to confront this situation head-on. You need to turn on the tv, Apple TV, or Netflix STAT. This isn’t a casual, “I think I’ll watch a movie.” This is, “Someone put on a goddamn movie before I freak the fuck out.”

But issues still linger. Already on the verge of a panic attack, an action movie will only overwhelm the senses. Considering you’re already more afraid than ever to go to bed, watching a thriller or horror movie is out of the question. Even rolling the proverbial dice on a comedy is a daunting task, because getting forty-five minutes into one of Adam Sandler’s new movies only to realize you hate it will ruin your psyche altogether.

There’s only one place to turn. Reliable, relaxing, and refreshing: The Romantic Comedy.

On the tail-end of a weekend of fuzzy bar tabs and brunches spent with five liquids in front of you, the requirements to feel satisfied are lowered. What you need isn’t something that blows your mind; you simply need to feel.

Historically, romantic comedies have had a tarnished reputation. Regarded as cheesy with mail-in performances from big name actors in order to get a paycheck, they’re undervalued in society. These movies have no clout when award season rolls around, and they’re never going to set any box office records.

But when Sunday night is rearing its ugly head, The Romantic Comedy is the perfect avenue for your emotions. Light enough to not underwhelm nor overwhelm; comedic enough to crack smiles but not cause cramps; ebbs and flows that aren’t enough to break your spirit but enough to cause you to shed a single tear that tells you that, yes, you are still human.

Since I was a kid, romantic comedies were always a safe place for me to zone out, collect myself, and leave with the peace of mind to sleep well. The gateway drugs, for me, were You’ve Got Mail and Notthing Hill. The faded jeans, the 90s hair, New York in the fall, British accents. Combining those ingredients gives you the 100-minute escape your mind and body crave and deserve.

Just don’t choose Some Kind of Beautiful starring Pierce Brosnan and Jessica Alba, which is possibly the worst movie ever made.

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