People Who Know Sh*t: Sturgill Simpson

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Every week, I profile a prominent individual who helps shape my perspective on life, business, and the world around me.

Last week I polled Twitter to figure out who I should profile next. Among this list of power players, an unassuming choice rose to the top.

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I’m a man of the people, so here we go.

It was a blistering hot Saturday afternoon in Austin, Texas and I had tempered expectations for the musical acts ahead of us. I’m not a big festival guy, but I have a special place in my heart for Austin City Limits. I love live music, but I’m far from being deep in the music scene. My typical ACL strategy is to identify a friend who knows what’s up and follow them around the festival grounds. Inevitably, I always discover one or two shows that make the three days of festing totally worthwhile.

The highlight of ACL 2015 was my introduction to the mind-melting sounds of Sturgill Simpson. I wondered up to the stage with my buddy Aaron, who began explaining who Sturgill was and his unique genre of music. The limitations of human language prevented Aaron from sufficiently conveying what was about to happen. For those unfamiliar with Sturgill’s music, I won’t attempt to explain it, just watch this video before you continue:

Do you feel that? That’s the feeling of enlightenment. Your whole perspective on shit is forever changed. You now understand that you are part of a greater collective consciousness that connects all of God’s living creatures. You are simultaneously everything and you are nothing. Welcome my friend, we’ve been awaiting your arrival.

Don’t worry if you’re late to the party, the only thing that matters is that you’re here. In fact, if you’re new to Sturgill, you’re in good company. Our very own Dillon Chevererererere is a newly initiated member of the Church of Sturgill.

While it’s tough to convey the full extent of Sturgill’s knowledge in written form, I will attempt to bestow upon you his wisdom through some of my favorite lyrics.

We’re dying to live
Living to die
No matter what you believe
And all of us cry
For the ones we must leave

So go and live a little
Bone turns brittle
And skin withers before your eyes
Make sure you give a little
Before you go to the great unknown in the sky
Sturgill Simpson, “Brace For Impact (Live A Little)”

Keep your eyes on the prize
Everything will be fine
Long as you stay in school
Stay off the hard stuff
And keep between the lines
Sturgill Simpson, “Keep It Between The Lines”

If there’s any doubt, there is no doubt
The gut don’t never lie
Sturgill Simpson, “Keep It Between The Lines”

There will be days
When the sun won’t shine
When it seems like the whole world is against you
Don’t be afraid
Life is unkind
You can let go of the pain if you choose to
Sturgill Simpson, “All Around You”

It ain’t all flowers, sometimes you gotta feel the thorns
And when you play with the Devil you know you gonna get the horns
Sturgill Simpson, “It Ain’t All Flowers”

everything is not what it seems
This life is but a dream
Shatter illusions that hold your spirit down
Open up your heart and you’ll find love all around
Breathing and moving are healing
And soothing away
All the pain in life holding you down
Sturgill Simpson, “Breakers Roar”

I’ve been told you measure a man
By how much he loves
Sturgill Simpson, “Welcome To Earth (Pollywog)”

Our bond is eternal
And so is love
God is inside you
All around you
And up above
Sturgill Simpson, “All Around You”

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