Millennials With College Degrees Are All Flocking To These Cities

Millennials With College Degrees Are All Flocking To These Cities

If you’re a Millennial with a college degree (and you’ve already paid your dues as a waiter or receptionist or bartender or legal assistant or….), you’re probably looking for a great location to accept your second job and actually start a career. Many of us want the same things: a huge variety of places to eat every meal of the day, an even wider variety of places to get craft beer and $14 cocktails made by mixologists, live music and festivals, a cool walkable feel, and, of course, a place where your rent doesn’t force you to live with 7 random strangers from Craigslist. There are plenty of those places scattered across the nation, and you’d better believe Millennials are hunting them down and completely infiltrating.

City Observatory just published a list of cities that millennials are flocking to, and it looks like the South actually is rising again. Thanks to low(er) costs of living and booming economies, some great Southern cities are finally getting the national recognition they deserve. The following list shows the percent change from 2000 – 2012 in millennial population (ages 25-34) with a college degree, and some of the top rated cities are showing some insane growth rates:

1. Houston: 50%
2. Nashville: 48%
3. Denver: 47%
4. Austin: 44%
5. Portland: 37%
6. Washington: 36%
7. Buffalo: 34%
8. Baltimore: 32%
9. L.A.: 30%
10. Pittsburgh: 29%
11. St. Louis: 26%
12. New York: 25%
13. Minneapolis: 21%
14. Chicago: 17%
15. Boston: 12%
16. San Francisco: 11%
17. Memphis: 10%
18. Providence: 6%
19. Atlanta: 3%
20. Cleveland: 1%

….and let’s not forget America’s sweetheart, Detroit, coming in at a whopping -10% change. Seriously, does anyone like Detroit?

As a Nashville native myself, I can attest to this Millennial moving madness. As the number of 20-something implants have come in, both the number of brunch restaurants and my rent have risen exponentially in the last 2 years. If you don’t already live in one of these cities, you may want to move there because they’re becoming absolutely amazing for millennials. If you already live there, ask for a promotion and brace yourself, because your cost of living and commute times are about to go through the roof (if they haven’t already). Overall though, if you’re looking for a move, give Texas, Tennessee, and Colorado a second look – at the very least, there will never be a shortage of new potential Tinder matches that want you to take them to a $75/person street food festival.

[via New York Times]

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