Blissfully Unaware Melania Trump Wears Gucci ‘Pussy-Bow’ Top To The Debate

Blissfully Unaware Melania Trump Wears Gucci 'Pussy-Bow' Top To The Debate

By now, we’re all aware of the tape that surfaced this weekend where in a hot-mic situation in 2005, Donald Trump described what he likes to do to beautiful women. Such as kissing them without permission and grabbing them by the genitalia. Except Trump didn’t use the word genitalia – instead, he chose a degrading synonym for a kitty cat, prompting parents all over the country to ban their children from watching last night’s Presidential debate. What a time to be alive. We all expected Trump to be grilled over the tape and his choice of words, and Anderson Cooper certainly did not disappoint. What we didn’t expect, however, was that Melania’s outfit choice would bring this conversation full-circle.

When getting dressed for the debate last night, Melania chose a conservative Gucci top at a not-so-conservative price tag of $1,100. It wasn’t too flashy or showy and didn’t draw a ton of unwanted attention, which seems like it would be a safe choice for the wife of a Presidential nominee. What Melania missed, though, was the name of her blouse. That’s right, Melania decided to wear a shirt called the “pussy-bow” top.

Oh, Melania. What have you done. For Trump supporters out there, maybe this gives us a little more of an insight into his 2005 leaked conversation with Billy Bush. Instead of grabbing women forcefully by the vagina, maybe he just meant that he’d get their attention by tugging on their Gucci shirts. Alternatively, Melania found a way to brilliantly troll the shit out of her husband. Most likely, she just picked a conservative top with Trump’s campaign advisor, but honestly, the alternative theories are so much better. Either way, if any of you women want to be grabbed by the pussy-bow top, head on over to Gucci, and you can snag yourself one for only a mere month’s rent.

[via People]

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