Let’s Cleanse Ourselves Of Everyday Political Talk

Let's Cleanse Ourselves Of Everyday Political Talk

This has been the most exhausting election of our lifetimes. We’re polarized, all four candidates suck, and even people within the same party hate each other. But it’s not like this is new. Over the past eight years, our lives have been saturated with politics. Even non-political things are now infiltrated by politics. We can’t escape it. Sports, universities, movies, television shows, even everyday conversation. Last year the Democratic Party put out an article about how to talk politics with your “Republican uncle” at Thanksgiving. How about not? How about enjoying your fucking green bean casserole?

Now I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to commenting on politics, but I’m trying my best to put a lid on it. You’re not going to convince anyone to change their mind. It’s just so easy to get sucked in because politics is everywhere. I do business with a lot of foreigners and they always point out how rabid Americans are about politics. It’s almost unfathomable to them. The Spanish, who went through two elections this past year, are loving life without the stress of politics as the last election left the entire government deadlocked and in caretaker mode for over half of the year. Wouldn’t that be nice? Living in a country where you’re not constantly bombarded with reasons to oppose your fellow countrymen?

I’d love an America where I can watch a football game without being shown who sat out for the national anthem. Who cares? I want to watch football. I don’t want to hear every coworker’s opinion on transgenders and cisgenders and gender benders. Safe spaces are irrelevant things for irrelevant people and they have no place on my newsfeed. Investigative journalism is at an all time low, and journalism is about the political statement first and the facts second. Every news story has some kind of editorial or spin. It’s been like this for years, almost like it’s perpetually election season. Nothing is sacred anymore.

If only America could try for a week, one week, to block out politics. No political opinions, keep the camera off Kaepernick during the national anthem, don’t report anything in the 24/7 news cycle without a complete investigation and just give the facts. If we just chilled on politics for a week we may realize how awesome life is without it. Our federal government is way too involved, directly and indirectly, in our lives and it’s exhausting. The emergence of social media hasn’t helped, but maybe that’s the answer. A nice long break from social media. Or maybe just think before you hit the post button, ‘Is this really necessary?’ When I can’t help myself, I use an automatic tweet deleter with a timer because at the end of the day life is so much more important than politics.

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