If You’re Calling In Sick To Work, This Is The Best Way To Make Sure Your Boss Believes You

If You're Calling In Sick To Work, This Is The Best Way To Make Sure Your Boss Believes You

Whether you’re sick or “sick,” the worst part of calling in to take a day off is deciding what time to get the message to your boss. What time do you call or email so that your boss actually believes you? Call too early, and there’s the chance your boss may think you’re still out drinking, but if you call too late, the chances that you’ve just overslept creep even higher. Thankfully, we now have the answer – the absolute best time for you to call in sick is Tuesday morning at 6:38 a.m.

Okay, yes, this is oddly specific, but that might actually play into your favor. You call exactly at 6:30, and there’s a good chance your boss knows you just set an alarm to give her a ring and fake a cough or two. Tuesdays are much more beneficial to call in than Monday or Friday, because there’s a much smaller chance that your boss thinks you’ve just taken a long weekend or needed to sleep off an exceptionally rowdy Sunday. Market research company Attest studied 1,000 employees to determine this exact date and time, so the next time you really want to sleep in, you may just want to give this a try.

Of course, if you’re calling in on a Tuesday, your boss likely saw you on Monday, so you have to be careful with your excuse, but thankfully Attest has your back there. If you call your boss and tell her that you’re having “stomach problems,” she’s more likely to believe you than with any other excuse. It’s truly a great one because not only does it not require a doctor’s note like strep or the flu, but there’s an absolute minimal chance that they press for further details. One last thing to make your call believable – wait until January to give this a try, because the study showed that employees are unsurprisingly most likely to call out in November and December due to holiday travel. Give this a try, and your boss will never doubt your sick calls again – just make sure you coordinate dates with your fellow PGPers in the comment section, because if they start to catch onto us, then we’re really screwed.

[via Elite Daily]

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