Here Are Some Of The Best Advantages Of Living By Yourself As An Adult

Here Are Some Of The Best Advantages Of Living By Yourself As An Adult

One of the more terrifying life adventures that many postgrads experience right out of school is the dreaded “apartment for one.”

It is a whole different ballgame when you don’t have four or five roommates bothering you all the time. Sure, you get a lot more freedom in terms of messiness, but a lot more loneliness comes with it, too. So much loneliness, in fact, that it could drive even the most even-keeled individual to the brink of insanity.

But let’s not talk about the negatives right now — as I’m sure many of you currently live alone whether you want to or not. Let’s talk about the advantages of being in your own place. Here to help are dozens of internet strangers who shared their favorite things about living alone.

Any of these sound familiar?

From Reddit:

No need to think about anyone else for meals and mealtimes. If I feel like eating the same thing 3 days in a row I will. If I don’t feel hungry enough to have dinner until 10pm, or so hungry I want it at 2pm then that’s when I eat it.

Stouffer’s french bread pizza, again? You’re damn right.

No one to answer to. No one asking you when you’ll be home or blaming you for using up the last of the toilet paper or drinking the last of the milk. It is the most glorious freedom in the world.

It’s truly liberating.

You are entirely responsible for yourself and your environment.

That, and nakedness whenever.

I’m naked on the couch right now. I bet it would be better if I lived alone.

Masturbate whenever the mood strikes.

In the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom. Wherever!

With the volume on the porn at an audible level while not wearing headphones.

Surround-sound porn.

Peace and fucking quiet.

An underrated benefit.

You don’t have to share your pizza.

And no one will judge you for getting a large.

Having things left exactly where you leave them.

Not having to put on clothes if you forget your towel in the shower.

There is organization in disorganization.

Open door pooping, it’s a whole different experience.

It’s like the whole place is one elaborate bathroom.

Complete freedom to slide into a soul crushing depression where all you do is work, come home, lay in bed and masturbate/watch youtube.

The life!

No one to judge me for laziness

I love me for me.

“Hey lets stop playing this super fun video game and go for a 2 hour boring pointless walk that doesn’t even accomplish anything” said no one in my house ever.

Walks suck.

If you are in a great mood, you can stay in a great mood. There is no one there to bring you down.

Except for that inherent depression.

Not having to share a kitchen. I love to cook and so do my roommates but we don’t cook together because we don’t like the same food. So whenever dinner time comes up its a race to the kitchen an if your second, chances are they haven’t cleaned up yet.

I can’t relate to cooking because I only know how to make cheese quesadillas but this sure would be nice, I bet.

You don’t have people turning up the heat while you’re asleep. Go to bed nice and cozy under blankets, wake up early, feeling like crap, heat turned up and no one awake. (Why yes, this did happen last night.)

Control of the thermostat. Can’t put a price tag on that.

No compromising

It’s my way, all day.

loud sex

Yeah, or loud masturbating?

You can eat anything you want for any meal.

This can’t be emphasized enough.

Got your own advantages? Share them in the comments. You can read the rest of this thread HERE.

[via Reddit]

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