This Is How You React When Your Husband Wins Third Row Guns N’ Roses Tickets

Guns N Roses

I have fond Guns N’ Roses memories dating back to the early-nineties. I can vividly remember my buddy Clayton’s older brother driving us to Putt Putt with the windows down and “Paradise City” burning holes in his F-150. His name was Michael, and he had a ‘stache that would make Curly Bill Brocious jealous, a cig habit from the depths of Hell, and a knife in his truck that would eventually get him expelled from high school. Total badass who I consider a mentor.

That’s why I wanted to bring this video Reddit user “Average-Girl” to your attention. Yes, it’s awesome. Yes, it raises many questions such as who could possibly be this jacked up to see Axl in 2017, or is that guy with the KFC bucket on his head still with the band? Also, what the hell was that guy doing?

Check this out.

That makes me so happy. One minute you’re living the ‘burb life slicing up a watermelon for the kids, and the next you’re back in Troy’s blue IROC Z blasting heaters to “Sweet Child Of Mine.” I need the backstory on Mom. Can you imagine how many hearts she ripped out and stomped on back in the day? Hell, she’s clearly still got it. Shoutout to all the metal mommies out there. All I know is that the guy who won these earned more than a couple “get out of the dog house free, baby” cards.

This video got me thinking about bands from my early years that would cause me to lose my shit should I ever win row 3 tickets to a show. Rage Against The Machine? Big yes. How they haven’t eviscerated Trump yet is beyond me. I’ll take the occasional Zack de la Rocha verse on a Run The Jewels track, but let’s get back in the studio boys. Turn me back into the know-it-all teenager trying to change the world after blaring Evil Empire.

[via Reddit]

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