Get Terrible Hangovers? Blame Your Parents

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There’s nothing more satisfying than finding a way to blame your problems on factors outside of your control. Ever wondered why your hangovers were so brutal? You know, other than because you drank more than a healthy human being ever should for no reason on a Tuesday? Well, just like so many other science problems we have (a blanket I use for things I don’t fully understand), hangovers are now a part of the “it’s your genetics’ fault” family.

Researchers took a gander at people’s genetic makeups when studying their hangovers, and found that “genetic factors accounted for 45 percent of the difference in hangover frequency in women and 40 percent in men.” Granted, that’s only about half of what influences your brown bottle flu. Other factors such as diet, type of alcohol, frequency of drinking, tolerance, bodyweight, political affiliation and music preference obviously remain big factors on hangover severity.

If you’ve got the golden genes, it’s not all roses. Researchers speculate that “people (sic) who are less susceptible to having a hangover might have a greater risk for alcohol addiction.”

So that’s a bummer. Either way, the most promising part of this whole thing is the potential that we could possibly find a genetic cure for the part of our DNA that’s fucking us in the brain on Sunday mornings.

Or at least that’s what I assume. Again, “science problems.”

[via LiveScience]

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