How To Check Your Uber Rating

How To Check Your Uber Rating

At the end of every Uber trip, you’re asked to rate your driver out of five stars. What many don’t know is that drivers do the same to us. It’s not a bad business model. Uber wants to make sure their drivers don’t continually suck and also wants to let it’s drivers know if who they about to pick up continually sucks. But while drivers could always see our ratings, we could never see our own. Or so we thought.

As it turns out, it’s really easy to request your Uber rating. All it takes is a quick search through the app. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know my rating because the only time I use Uber is when I’m out drinking. But I requested it anyway because for some reason I care what these strangers think of me when I’m wasted. And if you’re just as curious, here is how to request your own:

1. Open up the Uber app on your phone
2. Select your profile in the upper left corner
3. Select Help
4. Select “Account”
5. Select “I’d like to know my rating”

After the request, Uber will email you the rating sometime that day (It only took an hour to get mine). When I finally received it, I saw a 4.8 out of 5 which has actually turned out to be the highlight of my day. I was preparing for much worse. Like, maybe even below four stars worse after spending the past hour sitting at my desk glancing through my trip history while I waited.

In my mind, I was basically able to split my rides into three categories. Trips I remember pretty well, trips I simply don’t remember taking, and trips I remember but wish I didn’t. The last category actually made me feel like a bad person and I now question if these if these rankings include a curve. A few incidents from Ubers I ordered in the past year include:

Having a friend puke in the Uber… twice.
Doing more than “hand stuff” in the backseat… hopefully only once.
Arguing Middle East politics with Karim from Pakistan… definitely only once.
Cracking open beers in the backseat and insisting they were only Redbulls. Yes, it is, in fact, possible to be kicked out of an Uber.

But there were also good times in the Ubers I ordered this year I genuinely feel good about. We helped our driver find some pot. My buddy gave his business card to a college driver promising to write a recommendation letter. The time our driver joined us for the after party.

Maybe the good do outweigh the bad?

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