5 People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

5 People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Well friends, I’m pretty sure I had a better weekend — and definitely a better Monday — than some of you. I’m on vacation in California, enjoying the sun, the sand, and some stellar Mexican food. My beloved Patriots are even on a bye week, so I don’t have to worry about not getting to watch them here on the West Coast. But while I was cruising the Cali coast, some other people weren’t having such a good weekend.

Some Dude In The Texas Rangers Social Media Department

Since I’m on vacation, I didn’t get a chance to watch much college football on Saturday, but I did hear that Texas got absolutely stomped by TCU and that a lot of people were calling for the firing of Longhorns coach Charlie Strong. And for a few minutes, it’s looked like even the Texas Rangers were on board with Strong getting the boot.

But of course, once the tweet started making the rounds, the Rangers issued a statement blaming a rogue employee who has since been fired.

Can you really blame the guy for just saying what everyone else was thinking? [Via The Bleacher Report]

Richard Clem

Everyone — and I mean everyone — farts. Of course, there are certain times that we try to hold back this perfectly normal bodily function – at the beginning of a relationship, in church, in an elevator full of people that we don’t want to kill with noxious gas. But Mr. Clem simply couldn’t hold his flatulence, and it got him fired.

Clem was an employee at Case Pork Roll Company in New Jersey when he had gastric bypass surgery last year. The good news for Clem is that he dropped 120 pounds; the bad news is that the surgery left him with uncontrollable gas, which was so bad it got him fired after the company’s president made such comments as ‘We cannot run an office and have visitors with the odor in the office” and “Tell Rich that we are getting complaints from visitors who have problems with the odors.”

Well, the farter is fighting back: Clem and his wife dropped a lawsuit on Case Pork Roll this month alleging that his firing was unfair under discrimination laws. And while Clem said the surgery was worth it for the improvement to his health, there are consequences: “I feel better, but there goes my reputation,” he said. “Who wants to hire a fart boy?” [Via The Daily Mail]

The Most Interesting Man In the World

It’s got to be pretty hard to be The Most Interesting Man In The World. People expect him to be fascinating and entertaining all the time, telling great stories while surrounded by hot chicks and flowing Dos Equis. With all that going on, how can he possibly be expected to be concerned with little things such as paying his bills?

The man behind TMIMITW, Jonathan Goldsmith, apparently decided he couldn’t be bothered with writing checks. A lawsuit filed by his former manager alleges Goldsmith simply stopped paying him in 2014. According to TMZ, the lawsuit alleges that Goldsmith is fit for another title besides TMIMITW: “had Goldsmith landed a role that more accurately portrayed his true character, he would have landed the role of ‘The Least Honorable Man in the Entertainment Business.’”

Given that Goldsmith is likely to rake in around $2 million by the end of next year, the 10 percent the manager is suing for is no small amount. I wonder if he’d take his payment in beer? [Via TMZ]

Josh Scobee

When the Steelers played my beloved Patriots in Week 1, even I felt a bit bad for Josh Scobee. He missed two field goal attempts in that game, a feat he repeated in the fourth quarter of Thursday night’s game against the Ravens, which led to overtime, a few memes —

…and some commentary from Snoop Dogg.

And now, Scobee is looking for a new team. Scobee, a veteran kicker, was released by the Steelers on Saturday, replaced by free agent Chris Boswell after a tryout on Friday. Good luck finding a new gig, buddy. [Via Yahoo Sports]

Father George Passias

Sex scandals involving priests aren’t really anything new. But this one is certainly a bit… unusual.

Father Passias is currently the pastor of St. Spyridon Church in Washington Heights, New York; he used to be the chancellor of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, which was in charge of all of the religion’s US-based priests.

But now Father Passias is in a bit of trouble. Not only has the married pastor knocked up his married girlfriend, but he’s also now in the middle of a sex tape scandal. Apparently, the member of the clergy is a fan of “cake-crush porn” and was prone to making some of it with his lady friend. In tapes obtained by the New York Post, “In one scene, the bearded cleric, wearing only a white T-shirt, watches his long-haired brunette lover plant her thong-clad bottom on a piece of banana bread wrapped in cellophane.”

Thankfully, parishioners won’t have the hold back their giggles at that thought while looking at Passias during Sunday mass; according to the Post, “Passias told his St. Spyridon flock in an e-mail last week that he was leaving for “personal and health reasons,” and confessed to “multitudinous sins and shortcomings.”

Yes, like ruining perfectly good cake. [Via New York Post]

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