Companies Are Starting To Pay People To Go On Vacation

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There’s an epidemic in America causing hard-working employees to avoid vacationing. And quite frankly, it’s inexplicable.

Most American companies are having trouble getting their employees to take time off. Weird, right? I’m pretty sure I’ve taken so many vacation days that I owe the company some weekends. Fifteen percent of US employees who are granted paid time off haven’t used a single minute of it this year. Cue the mandatory vacation policies. In fact, some companies will even FUND your time off. Research has shown that taking a needed vacation is beneficial to productivity, morale, and efficiency.

But according to an Oxford Economics study, taking time off can also leave you at a disadvantage. Employees who used less than the maximum allotted paid vacation time earned on average 2.8% more than their counterparts who spent their two weeks in the Hamptons. Thirteen percent of managers responded that they are less likely to promote those employees who summer in Cape Cod.

In an effort to keep their employees from collapsing due to stress, some companies have implemented an unlimited number of paid vacation days. People who are not like me did not take advantage of that opportunity, citing that it was perhaps a trap.

So the solution? A cold hard check for clocking out. FullContact is now offering its workers up to $7,500 specifically to fund time spent not working. Unsurprising, the company saw its vacation requests spike with an average time lapse of seven to nine days.

Most banks require its employees to take two weeks off a year, but they refuse to payroll your leisure time and it’s typically so they can scroll through your computer for any illegal activity.

Brb, applying for a job (read: paid vacation) at FullContact.

[via WSJ]

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