Brooklyn Guy Live Tweets The Blossoming Love Between Barista And Customer That Unfolds Right In Front Of Him

Brooklyn Guy Live Tweets The Blossoming Love Between Barista And Customer That Unfolds Right In Front Of Him

“Love actually is all around,” is a quote you’re going to hear a million times this winter. And not just because you’re binge-eating ice cream alone while watching Love Actually hoping that love is right around the corner for you, because it’s not. But you’re going to hear it because of stories like this.

Live tweeting events is the new investigative journalism. Woodward and Bernstein’s careers have taken a backseat to anyone with a Twitter account and an imagination. Case in point: Jerry Clayton live tweeting this love story between a barista and a regular customer. Take a seat, grab a flat white, and enjoy the love that surrounds you.

What we know: shooters shoot.

What we don’t know: how this all will pan out.

Jerry, I hate to break this to you, but this girl just made her move. As someone who had a low-key crush on a hippie checkout girl at a co-op for most of 2012 and never said anything besides, “I like your sweater,” I. am. vibing. with. this. right. now.

When love comes at you this fast, sometimes you have to take a minute to breathe. I’m not going to fault this guy.

This is like when you asked a girl to dance in middle school and there was that brief moment when you thought, “Shit, someone has already asked her and I’m going to have to retreat with my tail between my legs.” Except this is occurring IRL and elongated over ten-plus minutes rather than just over about four seconds.

Heartwrenching. No other way to describe it.

And boom goes the dynamite. I know the title gave away that they’d end up with one another, but you can’t tell me you weren’t just a little psyched when this went down. Just a little.

I bet this dude was sitting their making espressos every day waiting for her to show up, and on her off days he’d walk home wondering if he had always missed his shot. Well, you’ve made it, random barista. You’ve made it.

Good for him letting them go. You can’t cock-block true love.

I need to know if he made her a cappuccino after with the heart shape atop it.

*insert heart-eyed emoji*

She better give him an invite to their wedding as well. Actually, fuck an invite. I hope this dude officiates it.

That cafe isn’t the only thing that closed that night. HOO-AH.

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