All The Thoughts You Have When He Asks You To Be His Girlfriend

All The Thoughts You Have When He Asks You To Be His Girlfriend

Friday night after his birthday dinner and two bottles of wine, the guy I’ve been seeing since October brought up the topic of our relationship status. As a girl who has been single for that last three years, commitment isn’t the top of my list of things I’m great at, so the idea of this conversation is kinda scary. And leads to all kinds of rational thoughts and feelings.

Is this happening right now?

Maybe it’s just the wine talking.

Yeah, yeah drunk words are sober thoughts. Damn you, logic!

Was this what he wanted all along for his birthday present?

That’s actually really cute.

And my making a cake probably encouraged that I’m great girlfriend material…

I mean our friends already think we are… so what’s really the difference?

A title is just a title.

And they all already call him my boyfriend…

He said we don’t even need to make it FB official. No one does that anymore anyway, do they?

Okay, it’s been three months since our first date. Most people would have probably had this conversation before now, right?

But he knows my concerns about commitment and settling etc. So, like, we’ve touched on it.

He’s probably been too understanding about that actually.

I feel like most guys would have run away from this situation by now. He’s totes into me.

Duh, you know he likes you. He literally just asked you to officially be his girlfriend.

He also brought you flowers tonight. On his birthday.

Ugh, he’s so nice.

Maybe a little too nice.

But you need nice. You just aren’t used to it.

We need less nice in the bedroom though…

Hence the Pop Rocks you brought to include in his birthday blowjob. You’re so good at birthdays.

And okay, the sex has gotten way better since the initial couple times. Did not expect that.

But is it too much to ask for some roughness? I just need some hair pulling, slight choking, and ass slapping every once in a while.

Like not all the time. Just occasionally.

That’s a fixable thing though. Not a deal breaker.

Oh, god. Way to be one of those girls who tries to “fix” guys.

Too bad I can’t “fix” the fact that he’s a Packers fan…

Maybe fixable isn’t the right word? More like adjustments.

It’s not my fault that’s what I like!

And I really do like him.

Despite all the over thinking I’ve done on the topic…

Because why does he want to date me when every other aspect of my life is a mess?!

I don’t even like telling people that I’m unemployed, so he definitely can’t enjoy that. Although he enjoys making fun of me for it.

A boyfriend is soo not what I need right now.

Can I trade boyfriend in for a sense of direction or even a job that I kinda sorta care about?

Hold on, don’t ruin this over something that might happen or maybe develop. That’d be stupid.

And too much like your normal pattern of stopping potentially good things before they even start.

See, look at you growing up! You can have an adult relationship without sabotaging it!

You are always happy around him…

This is a good thing.

Hopefully a really good thing.

Okay. Yeah. Yes. We’re doing this.

So, I have a boyfriend now. Which is such a weird thing for me to say. And as you can see, I am totally not thinking that I’m going to fuck it up.

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Outward appearance of being a hot mess with just enough Type A personality to not be a complete disappointment to my parents. Almost as good at avoiding commitment as I am at holding my liquor.

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