All Is Right When The Boys Are Back In Town

All Is Right When The Boys Are Back In Town

As I’m sure is the case with many of you, the one thing I miss most about college is living in close proximity to everyone in our friend group and always being available to get together and party with basically no warning ahead of time. This is obviously no longer feasible now as our undergrad days fade further and further into the rearview mirror. Some people in the group have moved to different parts of their country because of their job or to finally fulfill their dream of getting the hell out of the Midwest. Others have taken on heightened responsibilities and serious commitments that don’t offer them much free time. As a result, the crew doesn’t get together very often, and when we do it’s rare that we’ll have a full roster turnout.

But on those few times that we do get the gang back together? It’s madness, just the way God intended. Take this upcoming weekend for instance, where one of my friends I’ve known since high school and went to college with is coming back to town for the first time in almost a year with his wife (who is also one of our college friends). My friend is in the military now, so his trips home are few and far between. So to celebrate his brief, triumphant return home from serving in our country’s armed forces, we planned a rager for him and told everyone in our crew of goons to clear their schedules to come out and welcome him back.

And for that one night when the boys (and girls, we’re all-inclusive here) are back in town, all will feel right again. We will eat a lot, drink even more, and be really merry. Everyone will crack jokes and bust each others’ balls (or ovaries; like I said, there’ll be females present) without skipping a beat. The group will inevitably grow restless from hanging out in an apartment all evening and we’ll have our military friend pick out an unsuspecting bar in the the neighborhood for us to stop, drop, shut ’em down and open up shop in.

In other words, pretty much nothing will have changed with any of us, and it’ll be perfect. I’m sure in between all of that there’ll be time to reminisce on the good days gone by and sappy moments to express how we miss each other and should hang out more, but times like these should be less of that and more of the fun. Yes, of course, times have changed we all don’t hang out enough and it sucks. But this is a time to maximize the short span of time we’re all back together and party. After all, if this is a throwback to the glory days, then ain’t nobody got time for that sentimental shit.

No matter what kind of reunion you have, whether it’s a military member returning home, your college crew getting back together on campus for homecoming, or if you’re the lone wolf of the group who’s coming back home to see everyone again, there’s no doubt those are some of the most exciting weekends you’ll have as a postgrad. For that brief window of time, everything will feel the way they’re supposed to and the high of the moment will be incomparable. When our military friend sets foot in our apartment this weekend and he’s greeted with Thin Lizzy as his walk-up music, the energy and excitement of the night will rush through everyone like a shot of adrenaline. It’s an energy that makes the anticipation worth it and carries on throughout the night to create more glory days to reflect on later. So spread the word around: The boys are back in town, but not for long.

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