A Shocking Number Of New Jersey Millennials Still Live With Their Parents

A Shocking Number Of New Jersey Millennials Still Live With Their Parents

It’s no secret that millennials are broke AF. Between earning low salaries and monthly student loan payments, we tend to end up pretty strapped for cash at the end of the month. However, as poor as we may be, we put up with it for one purpose and one purpose only – to get out of living with mom and dad for even one minute longer than necessary. For millennials in New Jersey though, it looks like this just isn’t possible.

Thanks to just-released Census data, inhabitants of 49 states now know that we really have nothing to complain about because it’s abundantly clear that it could be much, much worse. 47 percent – almost half! – of 18-34 year-olds in New Jersey are still living with their parents, a number that completely blows my mind. You can check out where your state falls, but take some comfort in the fact that at least things aren’t as bad for you as they are in New Jersey.

Unsurprisingly, living at home as an adult is roughly correlated with living in a higher cost-of-living state, so Californians and New Englanders are hit especially hard when it comes to saving up for an apartment to call their own. Even if you’ve managed to pull together the funds to scrape by with a roommate or two, this news still impacts you greatly. Imagine going out to a bar and knowing that if you were to go home with half of the individuals there, you’d be awoken to breakfast in bed served by none other than mommy dearest herself. This should horrify each and every one of you.

Let’s all take a minute to pour one out for our friends in Jersey, because let’s be honest – any problems we may have with roommates, pets, or significant others pales in comparison to moving back in with the ‘rents. Hopefully things start looking up sooner rather than later for residents of the Jersey Shore, because this is a problem that no one, and I mean no one, should have to live through. If things don’t look up for you, don’t worry – you’re probably only a couple years away from leaving this age bracket anyway.

[via Time]

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