A Common Sense Beginner’s Guide To Improving Your Short Game


Golf can be a very frustrating game for beginners. Everyone wants to drive the ball into the next area code and not work on the most important part of the game that actually lowers scores. Of course, I’m talking about the short game. Too many amateurs are out there chunking chips, skulling pitches over the green and onto the next tee box, or putting like a blind man who has the touch of Hulk Hogan. So let’s look at a few ways to lower your score and have you strutting your stuff like the pro golfer you are.

Hit A Better Approach Shot, Idiot

Can’t seem to hack it around the greens? Don’t worry, the easy fix for that is to hit a better approach shot. The iron-game is key to the professionals. How often do you see them needing to scramble just to get up and down? Not often because these guys are putting darts onto the green. Hitting more Greens In Regulation will effectively make your short game go through the roof because you won’t even need to grab that wedge out of the bag. Stop being a damn idiot and put it on the green. Even better idea? Put it in the hole.

Drive The Green Every Time

So your iron game needs a little ironing out and you’re consistently hitting it into grenade bunkers or leaving yourself with some difficult pitch shots into the green. I know the struggle. I’ve been there before and the simple answer to solving this problem? Drive that green baby and putt for an eagle or albatross every single time. Who needs irons or wedges when you are consistently hitting the green with your driver every single time. Bomb away baby, and watch your score drop.

Utilize The Hand Wedge

So you’ve got a natural slice in your driver and can’t hit your irons? I understand that. A lot of beginners have that in their game early on. The easiest way to combat that and lower your score? The hand wedge. Sure, it’s illegal and will get you disqualified in tournament play, but you’re just out there to have fun and impress the cart girl by telling her you’re breaking 80 today. Your buddies might give you shit when you say you shot an 81, but that hand wedge you tossed into the hole on 14 will be a story you can tell your grandkids.

Every Putt Is A Gimme Putt

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are going to be times when you have to putt. Here’s what you do: pick up your ball and tell the group that you’re taking the gimme even if you’re left with a 90-footer. One putting is the key to lowering scores, and if you’re constantly taking gimmes from anywhere on the green then you are also constantly one-putting. Doesn’t even require any extra practice time.

Play In A Scramble

What better way to hide your shitty short game than by playing in a scramble? Surely one of the guys who lets you join his team will be lightyears better than you around the green.

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