5 #TBT Posts That Blow Up Your Instagram Feed Every Week


Today, more than 140 million #tbt posts exist on Instagram alone. Like most other social media trends, IT WON’T DIE. But let’s not wallow in frustration with those folks coming in on the late end of the bell curve. As our next weekly dose of visual bullshit quickly approaches, let’s examine the five feed-cluttering posts you’re bound to come across.

Last Friday #TBT

This is the not-so-throwback throwback that is the ultimate spam. This is the picture shared by that conceited douche whose picture didn’t get enough attention on Facebook so he/she feels the need to post it again on Instagram and selfishly label it #tbt. The picture itself may have earned a like if it were posted for what it is: a filtered photo of a group of drunken young adults at the bar holding irish car bombs. But no. Posting this photo under the false identity of a throwback completely ruins its entertainment factor.

College Days #TBT

This is shared by someone who somewhat recently graduated from college and, like all of us, spends his/her days trying not to accept this harsh reality. These TBT photos show men in tanks shotgunning beers or girls with school-themed face paint before the football game and are most commonly followed by hashtags such as #glorydays #thegoodoldays #college #takemeback.

Pre-birth #TBT

This is posted by that asshole who tried to be funny, but actually just spammed your feed with this outdated bullshit. Okay, it was kind of funny the first time someone posted it. “Oh that’s clever,” we all said. If you find an embryo or sperm TBT in your feed, you need to seriously consider your friendship with that person. This photo is also an excuse for not having a real TBT photo to share. Get a life, bro.

Post-Vacation #TBT

There’s nothing like a picture of someone chilling on a beach with pineapple drink in hand to really just shit on your day. Sure, it’s a TBT, but it doesn’t lessen the pain. It only serves as a reminder that you’re sitting in an office chair instead of the sand. Typically, this post appears from someone who somewhat recently went on vacation and is struggling to realize they’re back to their shitty day-to-day routine, not to mention, expecting a huge credit card bill.

Childhood #TBT

These can go two ways and there is a fine line between cute and ridiculous. Someone on your following list is bound to cross it.

1. Your friend posts a classic gem of an embarrassing childhood photo of them at the zoo with a dirty pair of jorts on. These are perfectly acceptable throwbacks.
2. Your annoying, self-centered friend posts his/her third picture of him/herself of the day followed by #howcutewasi #swag #imissthatbike

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Camille is living and working in W.Va. while debating going to grad school. She enjoys watching any NY team lose, cooking on the cheap, and living vicariously through her undergrad boyfriend.

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