Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Five People That Had A Worse Weekend Than You

Well, it’s Monday again. While some of us will be heading off on a cruise this week **cough**Will DeFries**cough**, it is the beginning of yet another full work week for most of us. But even though we are starting another five days of corporate drudgery, we hopefully had a better weekend than some other people.

Conor McGregor

It’s often been said that a man’s pride can be his downfall, and no one’s got more pride that Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor. And that pride took a hit on Saturday night when McGregor fell in a welterweight fight to Nate Diaz, a late replacement opponent for the injured Rafael dos Anjos.

The fighters nearly came to blows during their pre-fight press conference on Thursday and actually had to be separated to give a joint interview to FoxSports.

But there was no separating the two on Saturday night, when Diaz put McGregor in a rear-naked choke hold during the second round, causing McGregor to tap out.

McGregor sounded a bit like he had been knocked off his pedestal after the fight, saying, “I am humble in victory and humble in defeat.”

Diaz, not so much. When interviewed by Joe Rogan after the fight, Diaz’s statement was simple: “Surprise, motherfuckers.”

Surprise, indeed. [via The Bleacher Report]

Paleo Dieters

We all have at least one smug friend who preaches about their diet to us. It seems like for the most part lately, those annoying dieters are following the Paleo diet (and probably doing cross-fit, but that’s neither here nor there). Well, now you have something to throw back in their faces: science says their diet doesn’t work. In fact, it can actually cause you to gain weight.

Scientists from the University of Melbourne fed mice either a Paleo diet or a “regular” diet for nine weeks. At the end of that time, the Paleo mice (who had likely annoyed the shit out of their little mice friends) had gained 15 percent of their body weight and also had increased insulin levels.

Sure, it’s only a study on mice, which may or may not mirror the same results in humans, but still, at least it’s something you can throw in the face of that girl who comes to brunch and complains about how many carbs are in French toast. [via New York Post]

Blake Flovin

My friends and I have this stupid joke when someone gets a zit on their face – we refer to it as “face herpes.” And I will never, ever make that joke again, after seeing this:

Blake Flovin is a high school student in Fresno, CA and is claiming that he got herpes on his face from a wrestling match. According to Esquire, “Flovin claims he contracted Herpes Gladiatorum and that it’s stopping him from competing at the championship. On top of that, many of the wrestlers he’s competed against in the past will be there, and he’s worried that the person who gave him herpes will also give it to others.”

The organizers refused to cancel the event, saying that “physicians and certified athletic trainers are trained to detect symptoms and make a determination as to the nature of the condition and whether the student-athlete may compete, without posing a risk to himself of any other competitor.”

Yeah, if I’m a high school kid, I’m pulling out of this one. High school is a vicious place, and do you want to be known as “the other kid that got face herpes?” [via Esquire]

Lisa Vanderpump

Aside from being a Real Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump is also a successful restaurateur. In fact, her L.A. restaurant Pump is a tourist hotspot…and that became more literal then figurative on Saturday morning.

The Los Angeles County fire department was called to the West Hollywood restaurant at 10:40 a.m. Saturday to deal with a fire in the kitchen, which started in the electrical wiring in the walls. The fire was put out quickly, but it added to the damage from a fire in the same location last month – one that started the exact same way. Given that the restaurant (and its wiring) is less than two years old, one’s got to wonder if there’s someone else going on here.

[via TMZ]

My Mom

I love my mother, really I do. But like all moms, she has some pretty annoying habits when it comes to her only child. The worst one: the leaving of the “Hey, it’s mom. Call me back” voicemail. No matter how many times I explain to her that the magical technology of my cell phone allows me to see that she called and that’s all I need to call her back, she persists on leaving a message. But now, I have a secret weapon to stop her.

A new app available for Android and iPhone called No More Voicemail blocks callers who dial the user’s phone from leaving a voicemail. In fact, once the app is downloaded, anyone that calls will simply be redirected to an endless ringtone, while the user will only hear the regular number of rings.

Sorry, Mom. But I promise I’ll call you back when I see the missed call. [via The Huffington Post]

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