32 Reasons Why Washington, DC Is The Best City In The Whole Wide World


  1. The monuments at night are proven by science to be the best view in the world. Disagree with me? Look at the facts.
  2. The Smithsonian doesn’t rob you of 24 bucks to experience history.
  3. Stephen Colbert was born in DC.
  4. Stuck in traffic on the GW? Sorry again for the awesome view of the monuments.
  5. Thanks to building height laws, you can actually see the sky in DC from everywhere.
  6. It’s centrally located to a bunch of great places: Philadelphia, New York, Ocean City, Richmond, Baltimore (not like anyone’s going to waste their time going to Baltimore).
  7. Some of our nation’s most popular presidents come back to life in the 7th inning in giant bobble head form. They then proceed to push each other over/stomp on each other to get the gold.
  8. Totally biker/runner friendly.
  9. Cheap date options. The Wizards are so bad I’m going to guess your Metro ticket is more expensive than your game ticket. Games are fun, nonetheless.
  10. Pandas.
  11. Every musician rolls through DC, usually multiple times in one tour thanks to Jiffy Lube Live, Merriweather Post Pavillion, AND the Verizon Center. Hats off, DC.
  12. Gay marriage is legal.
  13. When/if the Redskins score a touchdown, FedEx Field erupts in a round of “Hail to the Redskins.” It’s magical.
  14. It’s got a mix of southern and northern culture.
  15. You can drive an hour one way and reach the mountains, an hour another way to the beach, and an hour yet another way to the farmlands and country roads of Maryland.
  16. Speaking of Maryland, DC gets to mooch off Maryland’s crabs.
  17. The Billy Goat Trail.
  18. A great place for postgrads, but also a great place for undergrads. Between GW, Georgetown, American, and Catholic, the college scene is very much alive. UMD College Park and George Mason University are also both on the Metro.
  19. There is a 76,000,000 pound version of everyone’s favorite president Abe sitting upon a thrown approximately a bajillion times larger than your swivel chair.
  20. Ovi and #RocktheRed.
  21. There’s nothing more hilarious than a group of tourists wearing matching neon green shirts that say, “Williams Family Vacation 2014 WE LOVE DC.”
  22. Not-states have more fun.
  23. Good Charlotte was originated here. You’re welcome, angsty teenaged days.
  24. “Sorry, I got stuck behind a motorcade” is a legitimate reason for being late.
  25. “Sorry, I got stuck behind a Virginia driver” is also a legitimate reason for being late.
  26. The bar scene is amazing. And you don’t even have to think about drinking and driving or getting a DD because the Metro is a party scene in itself after last call.
  27. So. Many. American. Flags.
  28. That first day of warm weather when everyone and their mother comes out of hibernation and flocks to the streets of Georgetown to shop.
  29. Why watch local news when you can watch national news? Same thing, anyway.
  30. It’s pretty easy to get a flight to almost anywhere from one of your three airport options.
  31. Love him or hate him, our nation’s president lives here.
  32. Casually running into a senator while getting your morning coffee? You’re used to it.

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Topanga is a contributing writer for Post Grad Problems. Lover of red wine, mediocre gossip, and Corey's whipped ass.

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