Forbes’ List Of America’s Most Affordable Cities Is Full Of Cities That Suck

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The demographic shifts are clear – more and more postgrads are flocking to smaller cities in search of urban amenities without the exalted cost of living that New York and San Francisco bring. Of course, “smaller cities” refers to places like Austin and Nashville, but there are even smaller, even cheaper options out there for those really looking to pinch pennies. Then again, with only a few exceptions, the list of America’s most affordable cities is as depressing as it gets.

1. Birmingham, Alabama
2. Knoxville, Tennessee
3. Buffalo, New York
4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
5. Cincinnati, Ohio
6. Memphis, Tennessee
7. St. Louis, Missouri
8. Dayton, Ohio
9. Indianapolis, Indiana
10. (tie) Columbus, Ohio
10. (tie) Detroit, Michigan
11. Colorado Springs, Colorado
12. Greenville, South Carolina
13. Louisville, Kentucky
14. Warren, Michigan
15. Akron, Ohio

Be honest with yourself – you couldn’t imagine living in more than two of these places, three tops. Ohio litters the list, yet it’s hard to believe people actually pay money to live there. Louisville and Memphis are atrocious and run down, Buffalo’s weather is as bad as its football team, and the state of Michigan may as well be a third world country.

If you have a good job in any of the places above, apparently you can live like a king. In the end, however, you only get what you pay for.

[via Forbes]

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