Zillow Created A Special Website For Millennials Because Apparently We Can’t Just Use Zillow

Zillow Created A Special Website For Millennials Because Apparently We Can't Just Use Zillow

If you’re one of the chosen ones whose parents loved you enough to give you a trust fund or take out a second mortgage to finance your college tuition, you may be one of the few of our generation looking to make the leap into home buying. Personally, I just completed my exit counseling for graduate school, so I know that it’ll be a looooong time before my Ramen Noodle days are over (side note: a Master’s degree is worth nothing). While I’ll be an apartment dweller well into my thirties, according to Zillow, 42% of the home buyers’ market are millennials, so, apparently, you’re all much more financially savvy than me. To help out those of us hunting for a home, Zillow decided to launch a millennials-only real estate website.

While lauding the fact that millennials are now buying homes, Zillow apparently thought their website needed to be dumbed down a bit in order to make sure we could actually use it. According to Zillow’s CMO, we’re “way more likely to go over budget.” I want to be offended, but the millennials who can afford homes probably didn’t go back to school for that finance degree, so I kind of get it. The new site is also more app-friendly, because if there’s one thing old people know about Millennials, it’s that we love apps. What could go wrong?

In addition, Zillow reserved a new domain name to take on this endeavor. Instead of coming up with new branding, Zillow purchased, which had to be one of the first thousand domain names ever reserved. I literally don’t even want to know how much money they paid for this domain just to make a millennial-friendly site, but I digress. As Zillow (rightly) assumes, Millennials are more concerned with total costs of home purchasing, including closing costs and an all-in monthly cost that includes a down payment. While this does sound more intuitive and useful than finding out what your current rent “Zestimate” is, the point remains – why couldn’t they have just revamped the Zillow website, saving god knows how much on a new domain name and not insulting the intelligence of Millennials in the process?

When it comes time for me to buy a home, will I use Probably. But will I complain about it? Also yes. Zillow, I appreciate the effort and the convenience of the new site, but lay off on the marketing for Millennials, okay? Unless you really want to buy us out with free bottomless mimosa brunches, food truck festivals, and HBO subscriptions, then I’m 100% on board. What can I say? I like what I like.

[via Business Insider]

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