You Need To Get Over It

You Need To Just Get Over It

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I can’t fucking stand a perpetual complainer. I’ve got my own shit going on. My job’s a joke, I’m broke, my love life’s DOA… and for those reasons, chances are, I WILL NOT be there for you (see what I did there?… it was bad, I know. I’m Sorry.). I can pretty much guarantee you that the person you’re venting to about your personal shit that has nothing to do with them sincerely does not care. It may seem like they do, but they’re pretending. I know, because I do it sometimes myself, and you do too. The only people that you can whine to all day and night and get some genuine sympathy from are probably real, genuine friends of yours, not your coworkers. Also your mom. Your mom is always dying to talk to you, and probably cares too much, because that’s what moms do. You should go call your mom, by the way. She misses you.

It actually makes me feel somewhat bad when I’m trying my best to be sympathetic to someone else’s problems. Sure, I have a fake ass sad/concerned look on my face, I seem to be listening intently, but in the back of my head, I’m wishing you would just shut the hell up and leave me alone. Either that, or I’m thinking about the many things I’m dealing with that seem so much worse than potentially having to go back to a follow-up dentist appointment (You’re approaching this all wrong! Any appointment is really just a free day off!)

What may be more helpful than carefully choosing who you’re going to bitch about your personal problems to, is an art that I have mastered, although sometimes I have to give myself a swift kick in the ass to remind myself of that. It’s a skill that I like to call ‘getting the fuck over it.’ I know it sounds simple [and insensitive], but sometimes it’s not quite so easy to just be unaffected by the bullshit. But I assure you, it will benefit you in ways that you can’t even imagine.

I was going through a bit of a rough patch in my life recently (I’m obviously not going to go into detail, because I know you don’t give a shit), and it was taking a bit of a toll on me. All I would really do was sit around and drink cheap wine in my apartment, eat copious amounts of fried foods, and reflect on all of the terribleness that was happening around me. It took a while, but once I realized how much time I had wasted, all I could do was be pissed at myself. I could have been writing, or running, or wooing Rihanna (two truths and a lie). I had to give myself a couple mental pep talks, but the thought of wasting time that I can’t get back being upset about things that I can’t change motivated me to get off of my ass, and actually be productive – more productive in my free time than I’ve been in quite a while, actually.

What it all really comes down to for me is that you’re not only getting on everyone else’s fucking nerves by wallowing in misery and complaining all the time, you’re also doing yourself a huge disservice. So take a few shots, shake that shit off, and proceed to kick ass. Accomplishing something — even if it’s something small, or something that only you care about –can take the sting off of whatever it is that’s making you feel anything other than awesome.

I feel like this got a little too sappy and motivational for my liking, so I’m just gonna balance things out and end with the word dick.

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It's a weird life, but it's where I'm at right now.

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