What I Spent This Weekend: New York City Sundays Are Expensive

What I Spent This Weekend: New York City Sundays Are Expensive

I just came back from a long and lavish northern Europe vacation, and if you didn’t know, those countries – especially Sweden and Norway – are expensive. I spent a lot in my two weeks in Europe (even though I maximized all the free booze and food in all the airport lounges), so I had decided that I’d make December a month of saving.

However, I just paid off my credit card with all of the vacation expenses on it (sidebar: I’m swimming in Chase rewards points like Scrooge Mc-fuckin’-Duck). So with a fully paid of CC, I’ve got a clean slate. Like, did those vacation expenses even happen? I mean, yes, technically they did. So I went into the weekend with every intention of not over-indulging. No brunching, no Flywheel, no fancy dinners, no staying out at the bars until 4 a.m., and hundo P definitely no Santa Con. And I think I did well for myself. And then I hit Sunday. They say no one has ever beaten a Sunday Funday the day after not indulging in Santa Con. And friends, I’ll tell ya, I came as close as anyone ever has before. But I’m weak. I went out all day Sunday. C’est la vie.


What I spent:

Haircut plus beard trim and hot shave: $60
PGP Secret Santa shipping charge: $14.74
GNC protein powder plus Saint Jude donation ($1, not all heroes wear capes): $55.98
CVS (multi-vitamins and American Crew forming cream): $25.80
Double protein burrito from Al Horno Lean Mexican Kitchen via Seamless: $19.46
Four (4) Tito’s and soda from Ainsworth: $62.26
Cab: $7.80

I like to get errands done on Friday mornings, hence the run to GNC and CVS, plus getting my haircut. After work, a buddy of mine let me know his sister was in town and he was hanging with some of her cute friends so I met up with them for a few drinks, but decided I wouldn’t stay out too late and ended my night watching the Celtics/Spurs game at a friend’s place.

How I saved:

Well, I normally go out to lunch with a friend on Fridays and I didn’t, so there’s that. I also got $5 off my GNC purchase because I had some rewards points, plus I flirted with the GNC girl and got some free samples. I also could have watched the Celtics out at a bar and I watched it my buddies’ spot.

Where I should have saved:

For starters, I could have had Amazon ship my gift directly to my Peej Secret Santa, saving me fifteen bingo dingos but I didn’t because the thought actually never occurred to me until just now. I obviously didn’t need to order Seamless for dinner but I wasn’t in the mood to cook Friday after work and the gym.


What I spent:

Bacon, egg, cheddar, hash brown, and avocado on a sesame bagel toasted and two (2) large coffees (one of them for my doorman, again, not all heroes and something about capes) from NY Bagel & Cafe: $12.46
Halal Guys large combo platter: $9.79
6-pack Lagunitas: $16.00
Three (3) Tito’s and soda from Juke Bar: $41.00
Cab: $6.96

Santa Con was Saturday and honestly I wanted absolutely zero part of it, so I didn’t do any day drinking with fifty million annoying 22-year olds from New Jersey. So, took it easy most of the day. Ended up watching Army-Navy with some friends and ended up grabbing a late-night round near their place, but again, took it pretty easy and got a great night sleep. Even contemplated crushing a Flywheel class in the morning.

How I saved:

I didn’t black out during the Santa Con festivities, which probably would have cost me the GDP of Bolivia to crush beers and side vodkies all day in an ugly Channukah sweater, so I saved on that front. Plus I didn’t do much at night.

Where I should have saved:

Obviously, I didn’t need to crush Halal guys and could have made myself a salad or something but come on, it’s the weekend and I ate healthy enough all week. And sure I could have bought a less expensive sixer but it’s, like, a $2 difference if I went the Amstel or Stickey Mickey Ultra route, so it’s negligible.


What I spent:

Smart egg white protein platter and large coffee from NY Bagel & Cafe: $13.13
Portion of three (3) Ubers: $9.00
Portion of five (5) Bud Light pitchers and wings at Hair of the Dog: $47.00
Bucket of Bud Lights at Side Bar: $36.66
Scallion pancakes, one (1) egg roll, pineapple fried rice from ThaiNY via Seamless: $22.44

So, I caved. I decided to just crush Sunday. I turned it into my own personal thunder dome factory. A blitzkrieg of Bud Lattes and football. Started with a little HOT-D (Hair of the Dog), then got transported back in time to a Friday night at SideBar. Absolutely bonkers scene. Never seen a larger group of people not care that tomorrow was Monday. Absolute electric inferno. 1.21 gigawatts worth.

How I saved:

Um, I guess I didn’t go to Flywheel so I didn’t pay $35 for that.

Where I should have saved:


TOTAL: $460.48

All in all, strong weekend. Right in the meaty part of the curve. Not showing off, not falling behind. I DO have to pay my bookie tomorrow, but that’s an expense for future Max.

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