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Party Like It’s 1997: There’s A Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys Reunion In The Works

How To Know You’ve Been Tamed By Corporate America

For your typical interview, most people prepare to answer general types of questions by guessing which ones are likely to be asked. Depending on who you’re interviewing with, this could be an easy task, or not so much. These are the questions that you spend time preparing answers for so that you’re ready for anything when it comes to nailing that interview. So when asked, “You know what we do here, right?” and you answer in the negative, rarely is that followed by “We represent cats and criminal trials.” You’re even less likely to be asked to dance by your interviewer, unless of course you’re being interviewed by a strip club manager. Which in that case, drop it like it’s hot. However if you’re not living that pole life, you’re probably being interviewed by Amy Poehler posing as a lawyer in an Old Navy commercial. Check out these outtakes that are even funnier than the original.

Amy Poehler’s Hilarious Old Navy Commercial

Rejoice! Oscar Mayer Has Created Lunchables For Adults

There’s nothing like the freedom that comes with living alone. When there’s nobody around to judge besides me, myself, and I, the true nature of the odd human beings we are comes to the surface. You can practically do anything you want to do. The best part about it is you can do so without having to explain to your roommate that “viewer discretion is advised.”

The Stuff You Do When You Live Alone

Passing out at the office, instead of the bar. PGP.

Post Grad Problems

The Girl Scout Cookie Locator App: Every Cookie Fiend’s Dream

There are a lot of reasons that a boss could choose to fire you. Poor work ethic, inappropriate behavior, your bad habit of watching Netflix on your phone when you’re supposed to be working, coming into the office hungover every day, the possibilities are endless and some people just royally screw up. Others are X-Men who happen to be too enjoy making out and end up killing their co-workers with their life sucking superpower. Check out this video of Professor X sacking the one and only Rogue.

X-Men’s Rogue Gets Fired for Being Too Affectionate

The 5 Types Of Crazy Eyes

The Progressively Worse Life Of Being The Third Wheel