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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on To The Fans

    Wow… this is an enormous kick in the dick. Dillon and Dave are not only two people I have felt like I’ve related to in one way or another over the years, but as a toucher from the very beginning I have felt a true sense of community. It’s something I’ve anxiously looked forward to 2-3x a week since the inception. This is like the day Peyton Manning announced his retirement, only worse because y’all were at the peak, tossing us the rock downfield in the form of amazing content like an ugly spiral thrown Marvin Harrison’s way. I will genuinely miss the podcast, the Double-Dog Dillionaire and El Dave himself. May the winds of shit turn into a glowing opportunity to continue your careers. You will be sorely missed.

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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on Day Traders, Volume III: Live To Fight Another Day

    Can confirm, I dabble in options trading and looked into Raging Bull once it got legs on PGP. They have been the most relentless, annoying, used-car-salesman level of cheesy with a lot of gimmicky ads to get me rich quick. Would love to see Grandex partner with someone more educational like TastyWorks

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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on Big Feedback Friday

    I know I mentioned something similar a while back as well. I’m a huge fan of everything Grandex podcasts, but I really think it’s time to make a move. The content itself really hasn’t changed a whole lot since the inception of Grandex podcasts, and the new additions are great. However it seems as though the creativity has had more of a drowning effect, forcing listeners to tune-in to multiple podcasts that they may or may not have the time to do. I regularly *try* to keep up with TB, RBP, Dadgum, Sunday Scaries, etc. but i wonder how much content is lost because people don’t have ~9-10 hours a week to consume it all. I’m from Indiana, and the coolest week of content from PGP/TB was their Chicago trip because it was the closest I could relate to it. Yes, they’re three funny guys and I genuinely enjoy a laid-back podcast that is centered on bullshitting, and discussing marginally universal current events, but there is room to grow. Bring in guests from other parts of the country. Travel and have meet-ups like Chicago (I know this is easier said than done) but it feels like the scope of audience is much wider-ranging than the content provided appeals to.

    Why didn’t Dave and Will record a pre/post-game podcast with Dave’s buddy and a healthy beer-buzz while they were in Dallas? We get inundated with ACL content, but there’s never been a live podcast from there to give those of us who will never go ourselves a different insight than a recap a day or two later. There still hasn’t been a “couples” episode from Matt’s El Rancho which would be ELECTRIC and would give the audience a totally different perspective on the hosts we love. I know these are just a few ideas, and some carry more logistical difficulties than others, but they have to be doable to some extent.

    This is officially a novel, I apologize. #sports

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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on This Weekend In Fun: September 28

    For the first time since graduating (6 years ago), the gf and I are going back to our high school to catch a football game under the lights tonight. Strangely pretty excited for this one, there’s a handful of P5 recruits playing and my small town takes football way too seriously which should be fun to watch.

    Tomorrow, scoring a boat load of points with future FIL by helping him cut trees down all day. Can never bank too many of those. It’s going to be 56 tomorrow night so I will be enjoying my first drink with warm apple-cider of the fall. Going with Ole Smoky pumpkin pie “moonshine” as my booze of choice.

    Sunday… I will hopefully be watching Tiger and Patrick Reed drag Europe around by their balls for 18-holes

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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on Big Feedback Friday

    Dave, I know you have mentioned in the past that doing your own podcast is on your radar. But I sure do I need a Friday pod from you Dave. 30 minutes. No structure. Just talk to us. You and Micah, no holds barred. Bring in people from all over Grandex to shoot the shit and give the audience an even clearer glimpse into the company we all love. Bring that sweet, sweet comedy and tell us what’s goin on this weekend. What beer are you drinking? What was your most interesting interaction on social media this week? Open format on a Friday afternoon. We need it, and we need it from you. I know you guys go over “this weekend in fun” on TB on Thursday’s, but we need a similar product on Friday.

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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on Mailbag: Dog Breeder vs. Adoption, One Girl Tagging Along On Bachelor Party, And Heavy Flirting Vibes From GF's Best Friend

    Most breeders go through application to be certified with the AKC to verify their breed and bloodlines which is also validated in the hefty amount of paperwork you are then given by the breeder upon receiving your puppy. Being able to track bloodlines helps to track the health trajectory as well as a wealth of other characteristics of your new puppy. Sooooo actually yeah, both refer to the quality of a dog, and nothing about the pretentiousness of the owner.

    Yours truly,

    The owner of one rescued mixed and one purebred breeder lab

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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on A Year Of Therapy In Review

    I have my first therapy session Monday. Never done it before but I declared 2018 as the year of me and getting my decimated mental health in order. Wish me luck PGP fam

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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on This Weekend In Fun: January 12

    My first car was a truck from grandpa. The day he gave it to me he told me “this is a disease. Once you drive a truck you will never drive anything else.” To this Day truer words have never been spoken

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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on This Weekend In Fun: January 5

    The ole lady and I are going to attempt to make dinner together tonight, and I absolutely love that shit. Saturday my boilers are flipping a CFB recruit from your beloved Longhorns (sorry Chillon) and I will proceed to get inappropriately drunk for the decision an 18 year old makes on national television. Everyone enjoy your collective weekends!!

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  • UncleNedsKids 6 years ago on To The White Board: What Did You Like In 2017?

    backdoor cover needs a little workshopping, but has so much potential. Unless you’re a Houston/Dallas/Philadelphia sports fan who exclusively watches NBA or UT football, it’s hard to listen to more often than not. I LOVE PGP and generally everything Grandex has to offer and have for a while but if you’re going to be a sports podcast, is it too much to ask to cover things like….baseball? (Besides Dans bullshit baseball minute) or maybe sports in other conferences than the big 12? You guys have Dillon and Ross in the same room for a podcast (two of your greatest personalities hands down) and it seems to fall flat more than it should

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