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  • TexasPsych 5 years ago on How To Attend A Music Festival Like An Adult

    There are two types of festivals; the ones where you stay in an Airbnb/hotel and the ones where you camp. I’m personally a fan of camping festivals because it’s a bigger commitment and I find the people at those to be more “into the music” as douchey as that sounds. At the end of the day I could get sweaty in a field and painfully dehydrated in a lot of places, but I’m choosing to do it at said festival because I enjoy both the atmosphere and the musicians. Don’t be that guy who treats it like a frat party and blacks out so hard he makes a fool of himself. Don’t be the girl sitting on the ground crying because she wants to go to a different show or sleep in a real bed. Act like you’ve been there before, take your drugs like an adult, and enjoy the damn music before returning to reality.

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  • TexasPsych 5 years ago on How Old Is Too Old To Still Be Going Hard Every Weekend?

    Ehh the grass is always greener right? There’s definitely not a specific age to stop going hard. If you feel your significant other is impeding your much needed drinking time, then address the issue. Chances are they want their own time to go out, and if not you’re probably in a very lame relationship. More than anything, date someone you can enjoy the blackout Fridays with just as much as the Netflix Fridays.

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