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  • PPGHinTheSkeye 5 years ago on Being A Female Is Too Damn Expensive

    It’s unfair to assume that just because I don’t spend a lot of excess income on makeup that I don’t also enjoy makeup as a hobby. I guess I’m just more practical when it comes to spending.

    I imagine you’ve both been ok r/skincareaddiction before and there are tons of posts on there for affordable product reccomendations. My point was you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg on a product that gets washed off at the end of the day. I personally would rather spend that money on a quality tangible item such as clothing or handbag, something that could last me for years. Different strokes for different folks.

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  • PPGHinTheSkeye 5 years ago on Being A Female Is Too Damn Expensive

    I’m shocked I’m the first girl to comment that I can’t believe this is the norm among most girls to spend that much.

    I make 80k/year and refuse to pay more than $20 on a single make up product. Who are these girls paying $35-60 on average? Most of the products I use range from $10-$20 and you can actually find decent products in that range through research and trial and error. Based on the amount of attention I get I would consider myself good looking and I promise you, I’ve never had a complaint from guys who don’t know the difference between $15 make up and $50 makeup.

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  • PPGHinTheSkeye 6 years ago on The Death Of Blowjobs

    Girl here and this is my perspective/experience in the past. Let me preface my thought process with the fact I haven’t been single since I was a senior in college and met my boyfriend who is 3 years older than me at just shy of 22 (I was 21 and am now 24).

    Personally, I’ve gone down on less guys than I’ve had sex with. I find blowjobs to be way more personal than sex. Who knows how many girls the guy has slept with and now I’m putting him in my mouth when he won’t return the favor? Sex is win-win and just like every girl won’t go down on a guy, many guys won’t go down on a girl. For me to go down on a guy it means I really like him as I won’t just do that for anybody. I always found it gross how girls would give out blowjobs to guys like candy. My rule was I needed to have sex with you at least 5 times in order for me to go down on you. Idk I guess I’m just the opposite. I won’t hand them out while single but in a relationship my guy gets them every single time during foreplay. Not to completion which from what I understand in these comments is different than the whole she-bang but when I’m feeling lazy and not up to sex I’ll suck him dry so I don’t actually have to have sex. Sometimes you just need to have maintenance sex/bjs.

    Once again, this is just my perspective. Y’all need to find better girls.

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