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  • Led Zeppelin Girl 6 years ago on Starbucks Is Spelling Your Name Wrong Because You're A Part Of Their Master Plan

    If I go to Starbucks I simply tell them my name is Cunt, I know ppl don’t like that word but I’m going to f*** with them before they f*** with me!! After drawing an Asian face on a friends cup,who’s asian, I have no respect for Starfucks!! If I stop in it’s only to give back to them a little of what they give to everyone. They make me sick!!

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  • Led Zeppelin Girl 6 years ago on I Drunkenly Met Stassi Schroeder From 'Vanderpump Rules' And She Flamed Our Interaction On Her Podcast

    The Vanderpumps are from England. They live in Beverly Hills and own a lot of successful restaurants and are very well to do. One of there restaurants is SUR meaning Sexy Unique Restaurant and that’s where the show VR is based as they all work there. They work for Lisa Vanderpump who tries to steer them on the right path but doesn’t put up with their antics. She’s also owner of Vanderpump Dogs which is a posh place to take your pooch. And she’s a huge animal activist going as far as meeting president of China to try to stop the cruel Yulin festival.

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