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  • ColinLamont 5 years ago on The Bathroom Situation At New My Job Is, Uh, Not Ideal

    They don’t know the feeling of sweating so much that the single ply toilet paper melts in your hand at the first sight of poo, or so cold that the splash back of your first loaf sends up a blue iceberg of porta potty water to tickle your a**hole. I would kill to spend my morning salute in an office bathroom, regardless of the audience.

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  • ColinLamont 5 years ago on A Guide To Office Restroom Etiquette

    WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS! I have been unfortunate enough to have gotten the office closest to the bathroom. I can tell who washes their hands and who doesn’t, as well as who uses soap and who doesn’t because I can hear it all. I have developed the theory that the higher up in the company you are, the less you wash your hands. VP and above, not after poo or pee. Division Manager, poo only and the occasional water spritz after pee(probably to wash whatever splash back they have gotten from the urinal). Then when you hit the peons you begin to notice they all wash their hands. I believe it has to do with the “what are you gonna do about it” mentality of managerial staff.

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