Turns Out That Groomsmen Spend More On Weddings Than Bridesmaids

Turns Out That Groomsmen Spend More On Weddings Than Bridesmaids

Weddings are expensive as hell no matter how you slice it – flights, hotels, gifts, everything. But when you’re thrown in the mix as a groomsmen or bridesmaid, the volume on the cost gets turned up to max volume as your participation is required in every way.

You’ve probably heard a bridesmaid say, “The last thing I want to do is spend all this money on an ugly dress that I’ll never wear again.” And I identify with that because, hell, I can wear the shit out of any suit I have to buy for a wedding. And if it’s a black tie affair? You can just rent and be done with it. I, personally, just bought an inexpensive tux and got the living shit tailored out of it in an effort to make it look presentable, and it’s already paid for itself in less than a year. Now I’m just playing with house money and drinking on the bride and groom’s tab whenever I roll into the reception. Life is good.

All this time, I thought the girls were getting the shit end of the stick when it came to weddings. But Time actually dispels that myth by finding that, on average, groomsmen actually spend more than bridesmaids.

When it comes to the threads, a bridesmaid pays about $214.58 on their dress whereas a groomsmen spends a cool $245.50 on his tuxedo. On the flipside of that, though, the average tuxedo rental is $196. We’ve explained before that you should only rent something if it floats, flies, or fucks, so the same goes for tuxedos. The study also shows that younger men spend more on tuxedos ($314.26) than older men who were dropping a modest $205.90. It’s a look good/play good game you’re playing when you’re young and trying lock down a nice little filly, so it makes sense that the younger generation would shell out when the old guys have pretty much given up.

Even prior to the day of the wedding, it’s also noted that bachelor party spending vastly outweighs the spending on bachelorette parties. If you’re a groomsmen heading out to Vegas or enjoying a casual golf outing, you need to plan on shelling out an average of $682.13. Oh, and if you’re the best man? Brace yourself, because you’re spending an average of $998.78 to make sure your boy is taken care of. Bridesmaids, though, only spend a modest $386.89 with the maid of honor spending $552.33. There’s no telling whether or not this study includes the cash transactions at gentleman’s clubs, though, so the numbers could be a bit skewed.

The study also reported that 32% of groomsmen reported spending over $200 on gifts for the happy couple when only 20% of bridesmaids reported spending over $200. If I were a betting man, I’d say that the men are overspending because they forget and are trying to make up for lost time by spending a bit more (or just buying the last thing left on the registry), but that’s not from personal experience or anything.

Wedding season is in full swing, people. Might as well kiss your earnings goodbye until fall.

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