These Psychopathic Redditors Went To Incredible Lengths Just To F**k With People


Have you ever wanted to exact revenge on someone but weren’t really feeling up to the effort? Sometimes, farting on a pillow or spitting in a drink falls short. You gotta go all out. That’s when you realize you’re going to have to probably spend a significant amount of time and money on your master plan and it just falls apart. We got a front row seat to what that kind of vengeful dedication looks like on the AskReddit “What was the greatest length you went to just to fuck with someone?”

These people stopped at nothing. Absolutely no mercy shown. They didn’t quite want to ruin someone’s life, but they definitely wanted to send a message. There are some perfect examples of creative line-toeing here. I have endless amounts of respect for these people.

I replaced a colleague’s desk with a small pink Disney Princess dressing table, complete with working computer.

I used to work for a medical device company and we had to test our product on cow blood so we always had gallons of the stuff In Refrigerators at work. If it hadn’t been used by Friday we’d dump it down the drain.

One Friday I took a 2.5 gallon jug home with me. My roommate worked nights, so before I went to bed I turned off the water to the toilet and flushed it to drain the tank. Then filled the tank with blood. At 2:00am my roommate came home and used the toilet.

Good times.

Edit: I mentioned it in another comment, but the blood we got we would add Heparin and Antibiotics to it to prevent clotting and spoilage. The antibiotics would only delay the inevitable though and within 4 days the blood would go rancid. This is NOT the kind of blood you want to try this with. Your roommate will smell it as soon as he walks in the door.

I read an article about how some dude spent less than $2 on targeted ads on facebook just to fuck with his roommate. Gimme a sec to find it.

Edit: here

I have a friend (let’s call him Joe) who used to make fake profiles on Facebook and hit on girls until they sent nudes. He would tell them some really manipulative shit, and a lot of times would share the pictures with friends. I wanted to teach Joe a lesson, so another friend and I ran a fake profile together, and we seduced Joe through his real Facebook. We kept this up for a good 4-5 months until my friend took it way too far. Our fake girl “lived” a couple of states away, and she managed to convince Joe to VISIT while he was driving through for a family reunion.

I have to say, I felt like a major jerk when I heard that Joe waited for her at Starbucks for over four hours. Needless to say, he quit fucking with girls online after that whole affair.

I’ve held an Irish accent for the past 5 years of College. As an older student (almost 30) I thought it would be kinda funny, but now as far as everybody that I have classes with thinks I’m Irish. I’m in a fairly small major so we only have about 5 professors who all know me fairly well and the student pool is small also so for those that don’t know/can’t remember my name I’m just referred to as “the Irish guy”. HOwever as I’m about a semester away from graduation I’ve been dropping the accent and talking in my normal one and I can tell its starting make people do a double take from time to time.

In retaliation for a prank played upon on one of my group of friends at the time by the landlord of a pub (owner of a bar for US folks), we systematically stole glasses from the bar over a period of several months, just a few now and then, it was a big place so not really enough to be noticed amongst the usual losses and breakages. The number of glasses soon mounted and there were over 300 by the time we returned them all surreptitiously on one night. They had beer swilled in them to make then look used and were placed on various table around the place. I am assured that there was much puzzlement and it was most amusing at the end of the night when the staff attempted to put the glasses away.

Took a shit in the roommates cats litter box. He never changed it and after that his cat stopped using it so I was like you need to change that soon. He smelt my shit for like a week straight. And then he was astonished at the size. He still tells people about the time his cat took a massive shit.

I catfished a coworker. He was kind of a douche and would talk about how many girls he was sleeping with. Nobody believed him. He went to a party the previous night and got hammered drunk. He didn’t have my number so I texted him pretending to be a girl he met at the party, telling him how handsome and interesting he was. He didn’t quite remember “me” so I described a girl that was at the party, but whom he didn’t know. I couldn’t look him in the face without laughing so I did some work in the back storage room. For the next hour, he would run up to me to tell me what this girl he didn’t remember was telling him. After him bugging me for a picture, I sent him a picture of myself with a shit eating grin on my face. He was so mad. Even the grumpy managers thought it was hilarious.

Might have to take one or two of these ideas and save them for a rainy day.

[via Reddit]

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