These Numbers Show That America’s Work Behavior Is Absolutely Appalling

These Numbers Show That America's Work Behavior Is Absolutely Appalling

If I had to guess, most of us aren’t exactly model employees. Some Monday mornings we straggle in at 9:25, and there have been more than a couple “sick” or “work from home” days that may have involved nursing a hangover or hitting the golf course while only giving your email a brief check once or twice that day. Overall, though, those sins are relatively minor and can (and should) be forgiven by a good employer, because as inefficient as you are on mornings after late happy hours, you’ll make up for it by answering emails after hours or staying a couple of hours late before a deadline. You don’t exactly get a gold star, but you’re not on the chopping block either when (or if) a layoff comes your way.

Better Buys surveyed 2,000 US workers to find out what their greatest sins as employees are, and as it turns out, your occasional sick day may not be as bad as you think it is. Late to work? Not to worry — 54.8% of employees surveyed are late to work on a consistent basis. Nearly as many (53.7%) gossip about their coworkers and 53.2% also take fake sick days. Other common transgressions include yelling at coworkers, spending too much time socializing, or taking long lunch breaks.

While you’ve probably committed at least one of these work sins, don’t feel too badly, because chances are around half of your coworkers do the same. However, there’s a smaller percentage of employees that are pushing the limits to an entirely new level. 53% of employees steal from their workplace, and 21% do drugs at work. Under ten percent of employees also engage in a variety of horrible workplace behaviors, such as embezzling money, fighting, blackmailing other employees, or sharing classified company info. Possibly one of the worst statistics? 15% of men and 3% of women view adult content at work. Seriously, one out of six of your male coworkers are watching porn AT WORK.

At this point, I’d like to give a shoutout to all of you terrible employees out there, because all of a sudden my 45-minute lunches aren’t looking that bad anymore. If you’re like me and occasionally tend to play sick or stroll in a little late a couple of days every pay period, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, because thanks to all of the true degenerates out there, your job is safe for now.

[via Better Buys]

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