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When we last met, I broke down some of the basics of firing off the initial bachelor party email. That was roughly one month ago, and we’re slowly but surely picking up steam. With bachelor parties for a groom who is right out of school, you generally expect about a 75% ‘YES’ response. The younger groom will more than likely have a large group of friends from college, and every last one of them will get an invite. That’s just how they go. But once you hit the dreaded early-thirties, that’s rarely the case.

By 27 or 28, your core group will begin to thin out. It’s just a natural progression. Priorities change, guys get deep in relationships and disappear, people move, and pretty soon you’re only communicating with your day ones via 2 a.m. FaceTimes that you don’t remember. That’s okay. It happens to all of us. Obviously, you’re going to extend a bachelor party invite to someone you’ve fallen out of touch with even if you only speak to that person every now and then. But it’s the fringe friends, those guys who you generally love to party with but only talk to a few times a year, who are often left off the invite list. You may get a last minute “Oh shit we forgot Jenkins” text from the groom in the weeks leading up to the bachelor party, but that’s rare.

Not the case for us. We’re rolling deep.

I’ve been a part of large bachelor parties before, but nothing like this. Of the 23 included on the initial email, we received 22 yeses. We fired off the bid cannon, and almost everyone accepted. That’s a big sausage pizza. Unheard of, really, especially considering the fact that all but 3 are over thirty. I think that kind of feedback says a lot about the groom, but maybe there’s something else at play here as well. Here are the facts:

1. All invitees are domiciled in Texas.
2. Our destination is Lake Charles, LA (L’Auberge or Golden Nugget, more on that in future blogs)
3. A lot of these guys are married or in serious relationships.

Proximity is important. When dealing with a group of washed up guys who are pretty much all tied down, a reasonable locale can sell itself. Driving to a border town in your neighboring state is a lot less of an undertaking than going Tiger fishing in Mozambique. And considering that casino resorts in Lake Charles generally mean 4 things: gambling, golf, pool and steak, you’re looking at a fairly structured bachelor party. The risk is mitigated. Sure, you can royally fuck up your life sitting down at a blackjack table at 2 a.m., but that’s pretty much the only high-risk activity. I live in the new bachelor/bachelorette capital of world, Austin, Texas, and I think you can stumble into as much or more trouble browned out on dirty sixth than in zombie mode at a casino resort. At least you’ve got the staff looking out for you. If they see you dead-eyed with 1% battery, they’ll kindly guide you back to the room. Try that on Rainey Street on any given Saturday. Holy scaries.

It’s going to be tough putting together a weekend for 22 dudes, but I’ll outline my plan in future postings. In the meantime, feel free to hit me up with any bachelor party questions or concerns @dcarterruff on Twitter.

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