The Angriest Reactions To “We Get It, Ladies — You Really Like Netflix, Wine, And Pizza”

The Angriest Reactions To "We Get It, Ladies — You Really Like Netflix, Wine, And Pizza"

“Polarizing, that’s great,” is something I’ve heard in many a pitch meeting. So when I said, “I think I’m going to do something called ‘We Get It, Ladies — You Really Like Netflix, Wine, And Pizza’,” it was welcomed with open arms.

I like pizza, specifically out of a brick oven. I like wine, especially Cabernets. And I’m a huge Netflix user as it distracts me from the anxiety of Sunday nights. Luckily, I even get paid to write about these things. But unfortunately, some people can’t take a step back to enjoy humor for what it is — humor, which is why We Get It, Ladies — You Really Like Netflix, Wine, And Pizza was received with some very angry reactions.

Let’s dive in.

Thank fuck some duder has finally told me that this behavior is unacceptable. I was deeply worried that the things I do to relax from having to deal with bullshit people like the try-hard-y writer of this pseudo funny article would somehow make me basic. Now I can move on and make something of myself before the embarrassment and laziness catches up with me. Let me just take down my messy bun and slap on a pair of dad jeans like the writer and make my mark on the world! It’s MRA for all!

First and foremost, I really appreciate the kind words. A lot of columns and news pieces are hit or miss, so for this to be called “pseudo funny” is a victory in and of itself. I’d also like to thank you for noticing my “dad jeans” that often go unnoticed. I actually stole these jeans from my buddy who bought them from a resale shop. But if you’re looking for them, they’re actually Cowboy Fit Wranglers which you can find at Man Outfitters.

But, Random Facebook Commenter, this column isn’t what makes you basic. What makes you basic is being this offended by the piece. I say this in the same breath as when I laugh at the girls that can’t take Things Girls Do After Graduation with a grain of salt. Because you know what? Those girls are usually the ones who closely identify with the story’s heroine.

I bet if you stop staring at your ex-girlfriend’s profile, it’ll make you less upset. Don’t be mad that she wants Netflix, wine, and pizza more than she wants you.

A surprisingly angry response from the male portion of the audience, something I truly wasn’t expecting. For the life of me, I really can’t figure out what prompted him to be like, “Yup, I’m going to publicly go in on this dude’s column for the entire world to see.” Maybe his girlfriend chatted it to him at work with the clarifier, “Can you believe how chauvinistic this was?” and he was recently in the doghouse which prompted him to go in on me.

Real talk though, I actually have solid relationships with my exes. Been invited to their weddings and all. I’m crazy loveable.

Hell yes I love wine, Netflix, and pizza…. And oh yea, not single. And also not lazy… Actually, I have a doctorate degree. How about women do whatever the hell they’d like to do and you worry about yourself. Ok? Thanks.

Okay, lady, I never said that just because you enjoy Netflix, wine, and pizza that you can’t be intelligent. This isn’t saying you have to fill your life with kombucha and quinoa. This was me saying that the schtick of putting out the lazy vibe is just a bizarre move in the grand scheme of things. Me? I like to appear as though I’m put together, but if you want to be known as the girl whose best friend his Dominos, be my guest.

This is stupid. I am completely focused on my career which is why I can eat my pizza, drink wine, and watch Netflix. Telling me I secretly care about my relationship status is stupid. Not caring about my relationship status is why I’ve been able to enjoy a successful young, professional career. This is completely garbage.

I’m not saying you’re grasping at straws for the reason you’re single, but…

Luckily, we did actually receive some kind words via email.

I read PGP pretty much every day although I haven’t brought myself to comment on any of the articles yet. Although, I have to say, after reading “We Get It, Ladies — You Really Like Netflix, Wine, And Pizza,” I have to say something about this from a girl’s perspective.

It’s a scathing critique of the basic bitch, a “type” I pretty much loathe and strongly disassociate with. I read TGDAG with a morbid fascination, cringing all the while reading such an entertaining series (#PrayForTodd). That being said, I’m not the polar opposite that I feel like many guys would assume is the only alternative to being a basic — a hipster. I don’t consider myself particularly unique or edgy or alternative. But I do consider myself a pretty normal, down to earth post-grad girl with a realistic worldview.

Look, I love pizza as much as anyone, but do I feel the need to constantly express my love for it or eat it on a regular basis? Hell no. Life is honestly too short to put so much focus on pizza — I prefer to explore other cuisines and be a little more adventurous with my palate, especially living in the DMV with its myriad of food options. Furthermore, I won’t pretend I have the metabolism of 16-year-old me who wouldn’t bat an eyelid at the devastating effects that regular pizza consumption would have on my body.

I don’t see why girls consider it endearing to put on a front of laziness with a side of pizza and wine obsession. Look, wine is great, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of wine fanatics come at me for this, but give me a beer any day over a glass of wine. Wine makes me sleepy AF and I find the variety of the beers to choose from more enticing than most wine selections, but that’s neither here nor there. Also, a note on the Netflix part of this trio of basic-ness. Anyone can openly admit that Netflix is a wonderful thing, as is HBO Go or Amazon Prime. But the odds that you’ll find me engaging in a night of Netflix, pizza and wine are incredibly rare. In fact, it’s rare I will combine any of these activities together. Pizza and wine together just don’t sound good to me. Watching Netflix with wine? I might fall asleep no matter how riveting the movie. Pizza and Netflix sounds great if I was in a relationship and just wanted to chill TF out for a night, but I’m single AF so that ain’t happening.

I embrace the occasional bouts of laziness, like anyone does, but I’m not ok with living that “Netflix, pizza, and wine are my boyfriends” life. Embracing that lazy and tired-cliché would only lead me to demise and probably result in me being single for the rest of my life, if I’m completely honest with myself. I’m not a career-obsessed, ladder-climbing opportunist, but if I’m going to get anywhere with self-improvement in my life, whether that be attaining my ideal summer bod by Memorial Day or eventually NOT being single, I just have to avoid this Netflix, wine and pizza lifestyle. When all is said and done though, I will continue to embrace the most basic of post-grad activities: brunch with friends. At least with that, I’m not sitting on my ass in my apartment, looking like a hobo, polishing off a bottle of wine and wondering why I’m still single.

So I guess to sum this up, thanks for writing this diatribe. I guess I also just wanted to also dispel the notion that the majority of girls are like the girls describe in this article. I’m glad someone called girls out on this dumb AF front they’re putting up. Have a great day.

The internet, man. A place where even pizza, wine, and Netflix can open up the most intense of dialogues. Gotta love it.

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