Places To Hit On Guys, From A Guy’s Perspective

At a recent happy hour, a female friend asked me if a restaurant this early in the afternoon was a good place to approach a guy she’s interested in. I spend a lion’s share of my day contemplating what’s going through a particular woman’s mind; however, I’ve spent considerably less time pondering the possibility that said woman is wondering how to approach me. The age of the double standard when it comes to approaching the opposite sex is over. That being said, I’ll point out some good and bad times to lay down some lines on us guys.

At A Bar


This one is so incredibly obvious that we’ll tackle it first and move on. Bars are the no. 1 undisputed champ of places where you could get to know a guy. No matter what time of day we wander into a drinking establishment, it’s the right time to hit on us. Assuming we don’t have a problem, we will be there with friends, relaxed and already having a good time. Girls coming up to us is everything we envisioned that would happened in a bar the moment we turned 21. Our mood is up and inhibitions down. In lieu of baseball being back, I can say you’ll be batting a 1.000 after our interaction.

Verdict: Go for it.

The Gym

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.38.35 PM

At our age, I think everyone would agree that when we decide to hit the weights, we’re looking for one thing: to be more attractive to the opposite sex (or same sex, you know what I mean). We’re only here so we look just a little better than the next guy when we see you at the bar. Even though our habits clearly point to it, we don’t have high cholesterol yet. Our doctor hasn’t given us the “get healthy or else” speech. We’re on this treadmill with your body in mind, not ours. Even with that being the case, is this the place to lay the moves on us? We may have to catch our breath to say anything back, but we’ll throw the dumbbells to the side if you come by.

Verdict: No problem.

The Supermarket


This is still pretty uncharted land for us. Grocery shopping hasn’t evolved into a comfortable situation, like our parents make it seem. By the time you’ve spotted us, we’ve already texted our moms asking what goes into meatloaf and what’s the difference between gouda and feta cheese.  If you can break our concentration from breaking down the big bag and the ultra big bag of Pizza Bites on a per bite basis, we’d be up to chat. Dropping a line that has a food pun in it will definitely get you some brownie points.

Verdict: Good to go.

At Work


We’ve been looking at the same Excel file for the last two hours and dreading the afternoon HR meeting about restricted Internet use–we are the culprits, after all. Between the company’s firewall and the proximity to the manager’s desk, our distractions from this monotony are few and far between. Don’t let our furrowed brows and head scratching put you off; this is a carefully trained look that we’ve developed to appear productive. Coming into our cubicles to introduce yourself would compete with the “birthday cake in the breakroom” email for the high point of our mornings.

Verdict: Without question.

I hope the pattern is becoming obvious. Anywhere day or night is a good place to roll up and start talking to a guy. I no longer live in a confined space where literally thousands of girls relatively my same age are alway around. I cherish interactions with the opposite sex like they’re acorns and I’m the squirrel in the “Ice Age” movies. So grab a beer, a towel, a recipe, or a pen and walk on up. Unless I’m watching sports.

In that case, don’t bother me, please.

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